Steemjet Lesson 2 - MONEY "is the anthem of success"

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Money is the anthem of Success.

I have not been here for a while, and speaking of time and not only because mine is a bit limited, I come to tell you that the "Time" contest the first lesson of steemjet has ended. From my Space Force seat, I must say that it has been an incredible experience to see such a large amount of talent worldwide, it makes you want to grow even more and more.

Here you can see my entries for the contest.

Now it's time to move on and Lesson 2 "Gold" goes on its way. @dimimp "our boss" has the gift of inspiring people with his words in a practically magical way, at the time of finishing the previous contest he began to explain what is the fuel that drives us to continue and Bum! the inspiration arrived so here I leave 4 new entries for lesson 2 I hope you like it.!

Muy buenas ilustraciones, congrats!

Yeah Muy buenas ilustraciones, congrats!

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