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Sequel to the gold bling contest organised by @dimimp , I present my concept for review.
I'd like to call the attentions of the steemjet pilot- @lordjames, the heads of @steemjetarts department, @mbj & @steemjet-newbie department, @deandaniel.

Steemjet- On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem!

Yours truly,

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Wow! From the inner person of me I say a big thank you! It's heart lifting to see how well am having the support I would ever wanted. I wondered if my presence and participation would ever be recognised as a new steemian,but now I have the answer,its a yes!
Thank you great one himself @dimimp,thank you #steemjet,thank you @sheriffakin.
On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem!

Hi, you were among the winners of free Upvoted you can visit my blog to read more.
@dimimp sends his regards.

Your supersonic activeness on the blockchain is encouraging.
Keep it up!


Thank you dear Samal

This is dope.. Keep it up


Thank you @dongentle.
Am not sure if it would be included among recognized entries?