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Below is my 1st entry for the 5,000 Steem prize Steemjet Contest organised by Boss @dimimp of the Steemjet Community, the link of which is:

These are my exact words to Boss @dimimp at submitting the entry:

"I've always wanted to be a record breaker. So, this is me aiming to beat all the other Steemjet Record logos submitted (ha ha!). Hope this does it -- otherwise, I'll design a better Record Breaker. Presenting...the Steemjet Mic of the Vinyl Record! Enjoy!"

Steemjet Records_6.jpg

Steemjet Records_6A.jpg


Congrats @igwentertainment for your logo taht you've created for steemjet contest.

Keep in touch and feel free to enjoy my artworks thru music


PS: There's a video posted recently on my blogs with an actor you probably like and hopefully you'll enjoy the message of the music created on his initiative

Good luck. It looks awesome!

Thanks @elelobos. You will notice I'm using a different account to reply you. It's because I tried to change the password of my @igwentertainment account -- after some thief hacked into it and stole all my Steem -- and discovered I could no longer gain access to the account due to wrong password application. And Steemit does not recover passwords. So. I'm using this account for now. I'm telling you because I may not be relating to you with @igwentertainment... Take care.

Fuck. Do you have any idea how it happened? The hacking.

Nope! I just saw that I "transfared" 542 Steem (virtually all my Steem earned) to one @asubuike, who just created the account for the singular purpose of hacking into my account. I'm still investing it, though... Funny thing was (though not funny at all) when I tried to change my @igwentertainment password, I ended up locking myself out of it with my Steem Power still trapped inside. So devastating...

Shit. I honestly don't know what to say to you. I'm really sorry.

Yeah! "Shit!" is the word. You don’t need to say anything. Your concern alone has said everything. Thanks for that.

One thing: is it possible for you to post in English? I would like to study your contents but language different becomes a hindrance. But if you can't do English -- no problemo.

I want to publish some poems in english. Maybe I'll start this week. Thanks for your interest :)

Awesome! I'm looking forth to reading 'em!!

Shit. I honestly
Don't know what to say to you.
I'm really sorry.

                 - elelobos

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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