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So it was a horrible day for me on the 29th of July, 2018. That Sunday I was coming home from school where I went to read over the night by 6am in the morning.
It was just like a movie like Adele would say it, it happened so fast that how I gave him my phone after he showed me a gun was all that got me surprised. I Don't want to believe that I did wrong not fighting for my phone cause maybe, just maybe man would have shoot me and people who do not even care a bit about me would claim that they love me after I was dead.

Anyway not regardless, @dimimp you have made many people smile on steemjet community. The other time after I and @mrprecious did an anthem you gave us both 1000 steem to buy some gears which we both did. You made a little wish in my magical diary come through.

Although you said whoever did the anthem better would get a space force 1 promotion. You also intend to make us rich . Well here is a cover of the steemjet anthem coming from me, @mrprecious played the guitar for me.

Earlier on we concluded the steemjet musical contest sponsored by you and it was such a wonderful privilege for me to be amongst one of the judges

@dimimp I really don't want to be rich without living my dreams in it. What I want is for my music dreams to be achieved. I want to be the most powerful, powerful singer on earth even more than all the Legends that ever lived.

Looking back at how this year started, I remember trying to raise funds to make my wishes of getting music gears come through @udezee contributed the only one who did actually. I got a 1$ plus worth of upvote from some people too and am grateful. I keep smiling just looking back at how almost impossible it seemed. But they say it takes just one sec, one man to make a dream come through and Hey! You did it! We got the gears!

Loosing my phone is a challenge to me because I was hodling a coin called byte balls over 2.7 billion byte balls in that phone and everything is gone without a trace, that coin is supposed to make me rich by next year but am gonna get Back up, it shouldn't stop me, I do not dread to become vulnerable just because am traumatized, so I won't loose out in opportunities but I would thread with caution.

I have been able to achieve almost all of my dreams but there is just this one that I need to achieve and "boom" I would get musical breakthrough that the whole block chain would talk about and I will become the very first celebrity to come out of the blockchain

For over 7 years I have had a dream of going to the music school of Berkeley, it's very far away outside my country and quite expensive frankly. See if you want to make steemjet members rich no problems, I think that's your dream and you are already making that happen. But for a second have you thought about what we really want? Cause sometimes is not all about been rich for some people like me, it's about achieving life changing goals.

I want to make a request because I know that you can make this happen. Music is all that matters to me now and forever.
It's good to know that you want to focus on music and other acts.

I had tried few times to reach out to you for months about my music dreams hoping that I would be lucky one day to reach for you in the stars if you weren't seeing all the fire works I was shooting from sinking ship.

Make my dreams of Going to a Berkeley School of Music. Come through @dimimp

With this post, am asking for full cash-out of my delegation and a top up to enable full sponsorship to Berkeley School of Music to kickstart my dreams Let me be the star that steemjet hopes to acquire @dimimp


welcome back dear,sorry for the lost....i miss you

I'm sorry to read that you lose your phone to local thief it's well you will get the one bigger than the lost one.
I'm glad I meet you in this life through steemit - their must be a reason and soon enough you got yourself into steemjet lol.
The anthem is a great one - you guys did well.
DIMIMP I hope you fulfill all our dreams as our founder and friend, thank you.

Thanks @udezee you have been a very good friend to me!

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Wow...thank God you were a judge in the steemjetmusical and not a contestant, your voice is amazing!!!! I'm sorry you got robbed though, it's a shitty experience which I know all too well. Whatever the case, I'm sure you'll get back on your feet pretty soon, steemit and steemjet's got your back!!!!!

Lmao. Ikr? Thanks @francistagbo sorry for replying late. . And am getting over the phone slowly.

I love it. I can fix a rap inside though

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