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Sweat cladden and tired out
He had gone North, East, West and South
Naming and tending but the lower ones
No joy, no sweet whispers, no drums
Alone in the rain, alone in the sun
Unknown to be was fun

It is not good!
Entered into counsel the heavens
I must to Mine own creation soothe
Then out of the quiet reins
Was an vessel never before seen fashioned
'This at the last is mine flesh and bone!',
Came the cry in deep passion
'Ye shall be called Woman'

Today, all the earth do but remember you
Great masterpiece of old
Yea, both great and small men too
Do your tenderness and love unstrained behold
You are beautiful! You are beautiful
Shining even in dark corners of the earth
None can defend the mournful
Like you do with faith
You will never suffer evil to thrive
You are not weak
As the violent and unlearned strive
To prove each passing week

Know for a certainty that without you
There could be no me
Yea, you are the blessed dew
Having neither price nor fee
But the choicest treasure
A gift to humanity from old
Given without measure
May your days ever be filled with joy untold


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Wow, what an amazing lines you have here. I like the way you playing with words and these words are actually sinking into the soul. I don't know how the inspiration came about but I bet you @empato365. I am feeling very special because I'm trying to picture myself in this poem. The lines are so beautiful. Thank you for being a good writer and thank you for always giving us valuable post on steemit.
I value your wall.

Your #soulfriend

What a piece? This is born out of raw talent. Mans you are the real deal in poetry I bend the knee.


calmly done. Weldone

Dante is here No Fear


There is an Imagery of Africanism and a calmness even if I felt the intensity of the poem, it's beautifully written sir

Damn nice poem @empato365
My poem below,

Her pathway has been uneasy
and although it lies deep-rooted
in the four chambers of her heart,
she embraces the illumination of a thousand candles
in order for darkness not to enter her home.
She is elegant in her ways
and the strength she lacks from ailing health,
is made up twofold in the beauty of her smile.