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If music be the food of love
Play on
If giving be the seed of love
Sow on
If passion be the sole of of love
Hang on
If Cupid be the god of love
Reign on
But if lust be a game of love...
Then love has no price.
Oh sweet love
How thy tunes cheer my fevers
And cushion a journey this rough
Stirring this stricken soul along life's deepest rivers
Thy tender touch is like heaven's clear dews
Which falleth betimes
On dry lands and mines not so few
For thee skips mine heart in rhymes
Yea, how mine lamp dances
When thy pulchritude I behold
How my legs hum thro' desert claves
Welded with thee in one soul
But alas....
Who may thy pains bear?
Who mayest thy void fill?
When life spews forth dark and drear
With tales both of gloom and doom seal'd
Dread I thy scars to see
Thy sword pierces thro like dart
Would that I were assayed by the sea!
For then, 'twas far better that I drown in the waters of love
Than be ran thro by its loveless sword
But should not love cast out fear?
Should not love's balm heal a broken soul?
'nd wipe away all tear,
Becoming by itself a cover meet for cold?
Then might peace at last return
To a world stricken by the greed of men vile
To a home worn and torn
To a land sawn into twain by passions so guile
And hearts beclouded by venomous intents
It'd calm the frayed
And lend relief to the incensed
Love is the greatest
A pearl the which all men may covet
Finer than jewellery
Fairer than gold
Evil spoken of by none
Slay me, if you will
But I am drunk with its wine
Yea, I am in love
I am with love
I am for love
I am loved

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I love the progression at the begining, you're inspiring me.


Good to know that it did inspire you

beautiful my friend.....

This is quite impressive man, I really did enjoy reading this. Well done!

Oh man, you must really be spending much time alone to come up with such an amazing piece. Your kind of poem is rare. I only enjoy this deep lines from @d-pend but I think I will now become regular here too.

your Soulfriend,

I have resteemed this already to my followers.

Wow that's a great poem..
Actually I am personally like this poem.
This poem just to create mind blowing..
Keep it up my dear friend..
Carry on your activitives..

Amazing peom.
Poems steal the hearts