One Step Move Forwarded Toward Sir @dimimp

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One step move forwarded toward sir @dimimp

  • Sir @dimimp as on your instruction & guidelines to improve steemjet I created a new steemjet account named as @steemjetdiscord
  • The @steemjetdiscord account created to help those people they are on steemjet discord server
  • I hope you appreciate the project well & do not mind to give a good steem power so I help the peoples well
  • As on your instruction and guidelines we are working on discord sever to modifies it so it give better facility to our users
  • We have near to 1000 members they all love with steemjet and also with you
  • It is not possible to help people without you
  • You have creation mind & always think how we initiate a new thing
  • By the way I miss you a lot sir @dimimp
  • My eyes are bleeding to see a good Steem power in @steemjetdiscord account
  • I Hope you never mind it, I also know you have little time so I reduce my comment and just waiting for your response

GOD blesse you my boss @dimimp

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