My Week 3 Steemjet Activity Report

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Here's The link to My Week 1 Report
Here's The link to My Week 2 Report

Another awesome 7 days has come and gone. it was an amazing one as I was able to express my feelings to other steemjet authors and was even more delighted when they replied my comments with even nicer words. I could feel the bonding and how they appreciated my insignificant upvote.
All thanks to @dimimp for giving us such an amazing community called steemjet.
As a member of this awesome community, I found it necessary to visit the steemjet tag as much as I could. This gave me the ability to know what other community members were bringing to the table and further provided me the opportunity to interact and learn from other members in the comment section of their post.
I visited all the post under the tag, upvoted above 90% of the post and left my heartfelt comments on a lot of them.

I Encountered bandwidth issues during the process and that restricted me from curating all the contents .. I hope to afford a lot of steem power someday and give this beautiful community a meaningful Upvote.
I am not a spaceforce member but I really think we ordinary community members should engage each other's post under to steemjet tag more often.

below are links to some awesome post under the steemjet tag that i engaged through the comment section and upvotes.

Image By @anyadan

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