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When the vision is written, the people can see it and run with it. The vision by @dimimp and @deandaniel is a clear opportunity for the steem community. Its always a priviledge to be part of something great.
Here is my black and white logo entry.
Thanks to the boss and everyone willing to support this initiative.
Lets Fly People!!


Now you guys are getting it. This is the idea. Good use of sharp line to communicate the feel of jet travel vector. I am loving the subtle retro 1950's look because jets were high tech at the time. If you could make the steem waves white against the black tail. Keep the grey lines and shadow underneath and you have modern magic which is of course indistinguishable from the technology that powers it. Upvotes are coming your way. You are the front runner for the competition, but if you lose, I would want to buy this from you anyway. We can talk more later. Thank you sincerely for such inspirational efforts. The "50's retro/modern" vibe is the mood that I think that we are after here with steemjet. In fact, I think that it is a must. I'm going to hit you with the upvotes just for helping us set the correct mood.

The pics didn't come out well, but something out of Hepcat's Right on Time. When the jet airliner was new and high tech. That is the mood: unbridled hope entangled with the futuristic concept of the blockchain. The retro is the jet and contrastic futuristic is the steemjet curriculum to be taught. I love this vibe. I don't see how it could be better or more defined, but this community is blowing my mind daily.

Thanks you so much sir... This means so much coming from you.. We are committed towards excellence... Thanks for the inspiration..

but if you lose, I would want to buy this from you anyway.

Winning is not every thing. Winning is the only thing!!!
I don't intend to loose, that is why i would work harder and try to implement the slight changes you recommended.

Great talk man.

Thanks brov..

You all doing a great job to foster the SteemJet project. Your entry isn't bad brother.

Thanks alot bro...I hope the boss appreciates it.

From his response, it's obvious he did.

You have done a wonderful job here, nice creativity. This is one of the best i have seen so far

Wow..thats so encouraging. I would be so glad if the bosses can have the same view. Thanks a lot.

Good to see everyone coming up with their own designs.

Yeah... It shows every one is excited about the initiative..


I will give you 0.020 SBD vote
Resteem to my 2100 plus followers
and B/w 20 to 30 upvotes to your post .

In just 0.050


You can see my profile whom sand me 0.050 they must get these 3 things
which are mention above its very beneficial and low rate package for you.

This is a spectacular piece of work. Great Job.

Thanks alot @bomaprecious, I appreciate.

Nice work here

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