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Yupi...So exicted!!

So I made a STEEMJET logo, presented it as an entry for the STEEMJET Intiative LOGO contest and I am glad it is going well.
Having seen the logo, the initiator of this great initiative @dimimp made his observations and suggestions.

Hence I have touched the logo a bit that is, the steemit logo at the tail of the Jet, as he had suggested.

Don't be left out...come join this great initiative....STEEMJET is flying high!!!

We are going higher and higher everyday.


Bravo, we have had many new entries since you submitted this, but your changes have kept this in the running for a prize. Improving the font would be the difference between a $100 and $500 prize. I will post an update to show where everyone stands currently. Your efforts are appreciated, thanks

I appreciate your comment sir... Would work on something great... Thanks.

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