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Well! Well!! Well!!!

This day was great, so great.

STEEMJET community is the fastest growing community on blockchain and planet earth. Any doubts??


We're just 4months old and see how far we've gone. Truly, the sky is our starting point.


I will just summarise what we discussed.

The meeting was called by our own pilot @lordjames and was organised by him, @empato365,@mbj and myself(SF1).

The meeting covered our days of work and was divided into topics.



Launch codes


Funding etc.

Of all the above mentioned, Restructuring is finallized, projects is yet to be finallized though will briefly discuss below, lunch codes was reviewed and explained in details, departments was visited and some changes were made which I will briefly discuss down, and issues of funding was taken care of.

Delegates in attendance were 17 in number
@lordajmes @empato365 @deandaniel @mbj @joushuaetim @kristenantai @vheobong @profchydon @lifeofdarlington @peterakapan @geyzee @follypandy @nexrules @ungest @sancti @ungest @fidelmobro
Non-delegates/Steemjetters includes
@angiebrown @ucathy and two others who aren't yet registered on the steem blockchain but were encouraged and briefed about Steemit and steemjet.

All protocols were observed.

Brief summary
About projects, LORDJAMES made it clear that any one could come up with a reasonable project(promoting STEEMJET and Steemit as a whole) and he'll fund the person depending on the weight of the project. Project reports will be well accounted for.

Departments were revisited so as to outline the works, flaws and strength. Some were removed, some renamed and some were assigned new responsibilities. Out of nine departments then, 7 is left.

Petty issues were discussed and all taken care of. Questions were asked, solutions were available.

A little update

STEEMJET departments are now!!
Art/photography department headed by @mbj

Music/voice department headed by @mrprecious and assisted by @kristenantai

Steemjet content directors
Steemjet HR/welfare department headed by @joshuaetim

Steemjet Representatives/Newbie directors
Headed by @deandaniel

Steemjet health educators/advisors headed by @peterakpan

Steemjet social advisors headed by @lifeofdarlington

General manager of all steemjet departments is @lordjames

N/B: Contact the head of your department for review if your department is not what it used to be.

The main information about departmental grouping will be updated by empato and more information will come up on @steemjet blog.

All T's were crossed and I's were dotted

It was a success, we will make it bigger next time.

@empato365, @mbj and @deandaniel
Cross-section of the community
@angiebrown, the new guy, @geyzee
@Lordjames's session
@mbj and @deandaniel
@joshuaetim, voice of steemjet and @deandaniel.

Thanks for your time guys.
And a very big thank you to our mentor, @dimimp .

more reports from others


Lovely written friend
So glad working with goals oriented individuals
Long live steemjet

Bro my best wishes always with you keep growing

Thanks man!

No problem buddy you are doing great

Nice one boss.

It was an awesome meeting i believe the restructuring/rebranding of my department was the best decision since we get threats and a lot of bad rep, to help in keeping the jet clean we are currently working on something. I have already created projects related to social media and publicity which was why we were assigned that role and hope to serve the community better.
Steemjet - On the wings of superstars we are words and steem.

Great bro.

This meet up to me was a bomb

You people are amazing. I'm so glad that the meeting turned out to be a huge success and every thing was sorted out clean and clear.
Best wishes boss. We are proud. @deandaniel

Thanks so much mate.

This is amazing, i can see everyone of you Ooo.... These are men that matter and have huge potentials and prospects of carrying everyone along...

Keep up the good work. I do hope to meet some of you soon

@lordjames with his customized steemjet polo

@deandaniel with the white Polo. Are you a Madrid fan? 😋

@Empato365 why are you laughing anyhow..

Lol.. This is amazing guys....

Thanks for the summary. Glad to be a part of that very important but long meeting

The offline meeting was a great move.
I understand things a lot better.
Weldone guys, we are set to work!!!

It was nice to meet you.

this is the start of something bigger
you people are going to make steemjet a huge success
hope soon i will be joining steemjet meetings as well

Ah you guys are all in together. Nice to see you all in person and together!


i also want to join steemjet
i will come up with my work in next few days
your efforts will change the steemjet for ever
how can i join

ahan... the group seeems to be relaxed and happy... u dont see both nowadays :p heeheh

Super turn out. Hope I am following everyone who attended. We get new members from the meetup?
@joushuaetim @peterakapan @follypandy return blank
@joshuaetim @peterakpan works

Like I said earlier, this is a very good development. And I appreciate the efforts and the progress is also massive. I see serious outburst and I see steemjet expanding. This is an excellent contribution to steemian community. Thanks to @deandaniel, @lordjames and the rest of the crew

Thanks to the #steemjet delegates for all the updates so far, @deandaniel, yours has added up.

On the wings of superstars, we're words and steem!

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