"Growing up isn't the problem; forgetting is."

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As we continue living in this mysterious world, our curiosity grows bigger and bigger each day. Questions start popping in our minds like popcorns popping in a pot.

For someone who is as curious as me, questions like "What's outside the universe?" & "What's existing behind those clouds?" are just some of the questions that usually pop out in my head.

While waiting for our Physics class to start, I'm right here, sitting inside this four-cornered room, staring out at the sky through the window. The clouds are as thick as the Physics book on my armchair with 500 plus pages, moving along with the wind going northwards. People call it cumulus, I suppose.

What's going on in my head right now? What am I thinking at the very moment?

I was lying on the grass, staring at the sky, feeling the sun as it shone on me, and thinking about what's behind those clouds up above me. For 15 minutes, I was very unproductive, not until a black figure emerged on top of my head and blocked my view, asking me if I have seen a ball.

"A what?" I asked back as I got up on my knees.

"A ball. Have you seen a ball?" It asked again.

When I looked up to have a better look on it, a sparkling, magical creature emerged in front of me — a unicorn! I guess it wasn't black after all.


"Woah!" I exclaimed as I moved away from the creature.

"I found it!" Someone from behind me shouted.

I looked back and saw another unicorn with a purple ball in its mouth. I was really confused about the whole thing for a moment — I just saw two unicorns! My mom and dad said that unicorns aren't true. But, why was it that I was talking to unicorns at the moment?

"Do you want to come with us?" The first unicorn asked as it walked closer to me.

I was really terrified and confused. What made it terrifying was that the unicorns were talking. I didn't know they could talk. All I know was that they're sweet, kind, and gentle creatures that's why most of the people love them, especially kids.

"Come? Where?" I asked. I guess there's no reason for me to be terrified anymore. They won't hurt me. Perhaps.

"To the Unicorn Kingdom! Just behind those clouds." It said while pointing towards the sky.

"I'd love to! I kind of need a break from all the stressful stuffs I've been dealing with right now." I got up and continued talking, "But, how are we gonna go up there? Unicorns can't fly."

"We're not gonna go flying. We use the rainbows to get up and down there." Said the second unicorn.

"Well, then I'm going!"

I was jumping out of joy and excitement. I mean, who wouldn't? Everyone loves unicorns, I suppose.

"Great! On my back." The first unicorn lowered down so I could climb up on its back and asked me if I was ready.

"Yep." I responded quickly.

After a second, we started running, hopping, and jumping. I didn't know we could walk on rainbows, but we did.

"I can see the whole world from up here!" I said.


After a lot of hopping and running, we stopped. We were already on the clouds. I didn't know we could stand on it without falling, but we did.

I couldn't believe of what I just saw — rainbows everywhere! Some rainbows were flowing like waterfalls from a bridge that leads to a kingdom, which I believed was the Unicorn Kingdom. I got off the unicorn and we walked through the bridge.


"Welcome to the Unicorn Kingdom!" Said the second unicorn with a big smile on its face.

There were lots of unicorns, and other colorful stuffs, and the next thing I know was that I was already having fun with them. It was the happiest place I've been so far.

I was happy with the whole thing, but not until I heard someone calling my name.

"Erin! Erin!" The voice said.

After that, everything was slowly fading. It was like I was absorbed by a wormhole and transported me to a different place.

I recognize that voice. It's my friend, Cleo. Now, I'm back to reality again.

I turn around and ask, "What?"

"You're in your own world again, aren't you? Sir Aguilar is here." She says while getting her Physics book from her bag.

"I guess I am." I stop for a while and continue, "Sometimes, it's good to have a break from all of these stressful stuffs, you know." I say, leaving a what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about expression on her face.

My point is, when we grow up, we start to worry about almost everything. We become busy that there is only less time for us to enjoy life and have fun. Some adult people even forget what it's like to have fun because all they think about is work, work, work. For them, that's what life is all about — working so hard to earn money so they can buy all the things they want. But, for me, I think it shouldn't be that way. There's this well-said quote from the movie The Little Prince that goes:

"Growing up isn't the problem; forgetting is."

When my life gets a little crazier and I really have no time to have fun, I stop everything I do, close my eyes, and start imagining things. I just thought I need to have a break from all of the stressful stuffs despite the hectic life I have.

For me, to be human is to live; to be human is to imagine and create things using our creative minds.

Thank you so much Steemians for reading my post until the end! Steem on!

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