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Global Adoption of steem remains the ultimate goal and today we decide to visit the richest people on the planet. "The kids".
They are still young and have all the time in the world

@dimix3 teaching the children

Using our book 'OLIVIA AND THE SUPERSTAR', We were able to teach them about cryptocurrency and the steem blockchain. The future has come and gold and paper money is no longer an efficient way of holding money.

@dimix3(left), @chukwunalu(right)

This is our first steemjet kids project, and we paid a visit to Ginosko schools in Delta state, Nigeria.
We were able to teach the kids the steemjet anthem.
Above is the link to the video of the kids singing the second and third stanza of the steemjet anthem with @dimix3 playing the keyboard and @jefferykingson playing the guitar. The anthem was composed by @mrprecious and @etemi.

In the second video, you can see the kids reading the steemjet story designed by @shrazi.
Above is the link to the second video.

We aim to reachout to more kids and teachers from other schools. However we would need financial support from @dimimp and the steemjet community since all the equipments used were hired. We believe that having our own equipments would make this easier and more effective.

What more, the kids requested for the hard copy of the story book and we promised to get it across to them. We are hoping for support to publish the 'Olivia and the super star' story book so that we can always distribute it to the kids during each outreach.
In addition we are suggesting that a kids outreach department should be created to oversee projects similiar to this.
I also use this medium to thank everybody for the joint effort put together to ensure that this first project was carried out. @dimix3, @jefferykingson,@tudors, @shartzy,@udembahenry, @lucentbritex, @annyvery1 and the entire @kabolo group.
Thank you @dimimp for providing the steemjet platform to atttain the global adoption of steem.


my upvote does not pack the same old punch now that I have delegated most of my SP, so I am just going to send 100 liquid steem to each of you mentioned here:

@dimix3, @jefferykingson,@tudors, @shartzy,@udembahenry, @lucentbritex, @annyvery1 and the entire @kabolo group and chukwunalu of course

Great acts once again @dimimp
I patiently wait for your evaluation too boss!! Don't forget about me :)
You are a man with many obligations and your time is precious so if you could plz find some spare minutes for me that would be great. I really need your evaluation and also your thoughts and opinion on how should i proceed....I delay on purpose the next pages until I can contact with you!

Thank you @dimimp, I really appreciate your warm comment.
I will also be happy if i can also get Gears to make more Songs for steemjet.
Am now getting down my appreciation song for you sir.

Thank for you to and most welcome sir@gentlebot..

This video is dedicated to my lovely community steemjet.
fully subtitled.

Here is the lyrics
Steemjet is the treasure that I seek.

You were close to me and I didn't know.
The force I seek for many days,
was right beside me,
I can feel it.

When I close my eyes,
I see steemjet coming my life.
You have helped so many broken minds,
I wish to be part of the force,
we have
lordjames as pilot,
empato as the money man,

Thanks boss...

Thanks alot sir @dimimp. We appreciate!!.

Wow. This is the best Steemjet movement I've seen so far.
This is exactly what @dimimp meant when he was saying steemjet time lesson, about teaching the kids that time is money and steem Global adoption.
Happy @Kabolo as a Community is helping realize that dream.

All thanks to people like you bro @udembahenry for your support

Yeah, this is to show that SteemJet goes beyond creativity in arts and words... but we ought to go out into the field.

Nice words @shartzy..thanks

Welcome man

Welcome man

Yes, @udembahenry... Exactly what @dimimp talked about.. Thanks alot.. The support from @kabolo community is amazing.


You so great man really sir
You my most choice man

This is impressive and a good move towards attending our vision of global Steem adoption. An initial fund of 150 Steem have been approved for your group to continue this effort to more children. Who do we send the funds to.

This is great stuff. We appreciate the support offered.

Thank you so much, really really highly appreciated sir. Please send the funds to @dimix3, he is the spear head of the steemjet kids awareness project!!!!

Congratulations sir for your post..... best of luck

Thanks alot @steemjet... We are words and steem.

Mehn this is awesome
@chukuunalu you guys have done a very great job
Global steem adoption is the goal
Teaching this kids with our(STEEMJET) story which was written by @dimimp is so awesome.... I know those kids will be very interested in that..... Both thumbs up for you guys.

Thanks alot @jesse12 we are working really hard. We must achieve our goal

Sure. Global Steem adoption is the Goal.

Yeah.... Thanks alot @jesse12.. We hope to do more.

Please know what is going on just come here and say thank you.. ....its not cool! 👌

Kids like interesting things and the Story of Olivia is attractive. Including the pictures

Yeah sure,
It's does.

We're moving onward..

Waow! it's Amazing from you people .
great job @chukwunalu

Thanks alot @yameen

Thanks @yameen.

This is really great,nice work.

Thanks alot

Thanks alot

nice job man God bless you both of you <3 much love guys, The future is now ours Good luck

Thanks alot @moeenali. The future is ours

Congratulations sir

Thanks alot @moeenali. The future is ours and steem is the future.

You so great man really sir

Exactly. steem is the future

This is a nice initiative. This is amazing. We are moving forward...

Very good idea.. Catching them young.. I am solidly behind you.. Let me know when you need my support. Thank you

Great stuff man.

Thanks brother

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