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A leader is a prominent and respected member of a particular community, organization or Society, especially one with an achieve and specific social or political role or position.
Moreover, A leader is someone who is perceived interest and plays the role of Protecting his/her community.

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The following are some of the qualities of a good leader.

Self-Awareness: A good leader should be knowledgeable of his/her strength and weakness. This will enable the leader to explore better his abilities while seeking help from others for his/her weak areas.

Appreciative : wise chief values their crew and the individual. success is most effective done with the assist of others. what’s greater, real appreciation provides encouragement, develops confidence, and builds on strengths.

Assured : consider and self assurance in leadership is a reliable indicator of worker satisfaction. true leaders aren’t fearful of being challenged. their self belief evokes.

Compassionate :compassion is a energy. a terrific leader makes use of compassion to perceive the needs of these they leads and to decide a route of motion that is of best advantage to the individual and the crew.

Courageous :possibly i need to have positioned this at the pinnacle of my listing? a brave chief is prepared to take risks whilst no one else will. a brave leader has religion in different humans. a brave chief increases tough troubles, is ready to offer tough remarks, and percentage unpopular critiques.

Diligent : to persevere in conviction, braveness, creativity, compassion, and man or woman we need diligence. desirable leaders work tough.

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Truthful :fairness is what human beings want. exact leaders don’t have favourites within the crew. they reward for consequences not partiality; they promise fairness.

Dedication: As a leader its important that you recognized your own benefit from the role play.
Honesty : A leader must ensure that he is trustworthy to the community and to the other leaders.

Eagerness to learn and adapt: As a leader any respect from members is one of the key enablers of one roles.

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Lastly,Be a good leader today and let the changes beings with you,names of a good leaders never die.


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