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"Steemjet Bangladesh" is a charity club of steemjet biggest family


received_820574084799688.jpeg Logo Design by @nazmulhasan

I am a member of SF7.I am from bangladesh.At first i want to tell bangladesh is so poor country.There are more population in low area.we notice that many people are suffering and stragle for life.

So , @mdnazmulhasan and me as a bangladeshi sf7 member we are both organized a charity club.

We published our biggest steemjet community in world wide






received_820590208131409.jpeg Logo Design by @mdnazmulhasan & Steemjet Photography by @Applo

For "Steemjet Bangladesh" as a charity club we are collect some money and fixed a room as a office.

Now we need some money for overhead cost .we open our club very quickly if you help for our charity project we arranged it very quickly..

@mdnazmulhasan & @applo promised that all time we respect our work and done it very carefully

Powered by @dimimp


sir, @dimimp We have some money but it is not possible to start with. So help is needed. If we get the help we will start the charity very soon.

If My boss help we try our best

Great Idea Good

Thank you so much for support @einstei1

Have a good job...
I wish you donet money to reall streat vendors

Thank you sir

@dimimp is the best in steemit platform

You are right @rock220


Carry on .this is really great .

Thank you

Wow fantastic idea.i support your work.if you open a charity in bd it's much batter for steemjet.i wish @dimimp support and do enough for steemjet bangladesh

We have many fantastic idea @nuralomislam38
Only we need to support..i know @dimimp helping hand is bigger ...

Hey, @applo your photo shot is simply are a good photographer.i hope @dimimp support you.

Thank you so much.we want to get an opportunities for work and give a world wide biggest community

Sangat kreatif. Dan ada beberapa tumbuhan yang subur. Semoga bermamfaat untuk kita semua

Please tell in english

Im sory sir...??

Very creative. And there are some fertile plants. Hopefully useful for all of us

Thank you so much @lamkuta ..we have some master plan about steemjet community develop in world wide

hopefully I am given the opportunity to join you

Thank you so much.i am happy to your kindmess replay @lamkuta

thanks also to you for giving me a chance. I will always visit you @applo

Thank you for your behave.

Apne ki Bangladeshi bro

Yes bro.where are you from

I am Bangladeshi your basa kothai

I am from bikrompur and you? @borshaislam


Oh good..please give me your phone number

What a great idea!

Thank you so much for support this idea... @r2cornell sir we are bangladeshi steamain and steemjet community know i am your old fan so i want to you for help this project
.we have a master plan about charity project...please help us

yes is great


images (65).jpg

Thank you so much.nice art

@ applo dost ai dui tai amar id ...i am md masud rana. @brightearth25 and @brightworld78

You have receive an up vote from a SF7 member
I am @owaniofficial

Thank you @owaniofficial
Again Thanks you so much for supoort

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Nice.steemjet is the best

You are right

@applo your idea is great
I think @dimimp sir like this
Have a great journey!

Thank you mam

Thank you mam

Wow amazing's good way for world wide community create

Thank you for your kind replay @criptonur

Wonderfull photography


@applo dsto khuje paici tomare .....bohut kosto hoise. thik moto jeno sob kicu pai.
ktha ace line asio taratari.

How will I join on your steemjet group.From Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

Steemjet is a biggest community in steemit platform...please create your own creativity about steemjet and this is time for it and get auto membership in steemjet..this membership select by @dimimp Boss

Sangat menarik

Please tell in english

Have a good job...
I wish you donet money to reall streat vendors

Thank you abroad

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