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The History of Bloody Victory Day of Bangladesh

Welcome to the bloody victory day of Bangladesh. Three million peoples sacrificed their lives within the nine months (26 March 1971 - 16 December 1971) for the independence of Bangladesh. Pakistani General Niazi and his 92000 army surrendered on 16 December 1971 after operating the nine months bloody war. But in this short period they operated one of the largest genocide in the world history in Bangladesh.

They butcherly killed about 30,00,000 civil and innocent peoples and raped about 2,00,000 women. They destroy most of deployment of Bangladesh. They set up fire about every town, villages and all over the Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Genocide 1971.jpg

The Pakistan military was starting their killing mission (Operation Search Light) from the mid-night 26 March 1971 by attacking the East Pakistan Rifles (border guard), Police Line, Dhaka University and all over the Bangladesh.

About one million people left the country in this night and about 1 crore people was made refugee within the nine months and cross the Indian border for survival and then total Bangladeshi population was 7.5 crore.

Bangladesh-freedom fighter 1971.jpg

The people of all classes of Bangladesh try to protect the Pakistan military from their position and they founded the Liberation Army (Mukti Bahinee).


Finally, The Mukti Bahinee deadly attacked to the Pakistan army and defeated them on 16 December 1971.




As a Bangladeshi people we want to learn and teach about "The Victory Day " and as a Steemjet Bangladesh Community member we talk about "Crypto"...






We aware the mother (Gurdians) that they teach her children about The bloody Victory and Crypto...

I Proud♥I Am Bangladeshi

Thanks For Read "The Bloody History Of Bangladesh

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