Dimimp, ned, meflyr, mdnazmulhasan and applo Funny vedio

in steemjet •  last year  (edited)

Some Funny vedio entry!

I think this vedio fresh your mind

@Applo & @mdnazmulhasan dance with @dimimp in the father's day

Dimimp dance

Ned vs dimimp

Applo beating dimimp

Meflyr and dimimp funny dance

Dimimp the man

Dimimp applo mdnazmulhasan

victory dimimp loss

Heroalam dimimp

Dimimp upcoming Romance

♥Thank you for watch this vedio

Some funny Animation

I think you like this












♥Have a good night♥

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lustig 😂 applo 👍

Thank you sir..i am so happy that you replay to my post and i am also happy that i created a picture now this is make your profil picture

Danke , das ist ein sehr schönes Bild 😊 👍

sir i can't understand your language please tell in english...

oh thank you, you don't need to edit an image for me:)

ok thank u sir..please follow me some time..i have a community this name is "steemjet bangladesh community"...this is learnig and teaching about graphics,steemjet and crypto free class of the bangladeshi poor student..if you want to sponsored or donate some steem for it, you can do it...thank you sir...i want to say that @dimimp sponsored in this community..

if you want i create you a new? ?

vielen dank 🙂