SteemJ is up and running

in steemj •  2 years ago  (edited)

The first prototype for the upcoming SteemJ Freelancer Marketplace is live. Thanks to @jerrybanfield for the initiative.

Besides announcing it this is a test to check the posting functionality with the real steem network.. so nothing more to add here ;)

Stay steemed..

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love the work you are doing with @jerrybanfield you guys are real pioneers appreciate you guys and your contributions. @rogerblu

Outstanding work @sarasate I will be asking for funding in our growth project soon!

Brilliant work! I salute you!

Good job, BTW #steemdev is a popular tag for dev updates

Thanks. I should probably use #steemdev and #steem-dev to cover all of it ;)

This is exiting news!

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Can you please provide a link?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Haha, good point, totally forgot: SteemJ

Post updated!

Thanks :)

we have to enter with the key of steemit? Or do we have to create one?

You need your private posting key for steem, it just works on the steem network..

ok...thanks sarasate


Is there an automatic back post into steemit, or do we have to manually post a link?

Posts are always generated via the steem network so will appear on all steem frontends (steemit, chainbb, etc.) Thats why you need your private posting key..


Hey @sarasate & @jerrybanfield, what about a section for musicians? I'm a music producer & I create original @instrumentals and instrumental music is always needed in content such as videos. Musicians can be hired for their work to provide other users original songs or @instrumentals for their video content or musicians can hire each other, for example an artist can hire a producer to create their next instrumental beat for their projects. Don't forget about the music community on steem but what do you think about that idea?

Hi @instrumentals, we'll add more categories soon.. some people asked for music production already so its high on the priority list.. thanks for sharing your needs..

Oh wow, I guess I'm not the only one. Thank you for the reply @sarasate