Top Cryptocurrency Services We Can Offer?

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How can best we help digital currency users spend money with each other? Which skills can we monetize with the new SteemJ marketplace especially by connecting whales needing a lot of help with freelancers hoping to earn money helping? Would you join us in considering these questions because the answers might help us all earn more by working better together?

My vision with SteemJ is to help those with cryptocurrency to spend connect with freelancers providing exclusive services available nowhere else in a simple and trustworthy format. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, PayPal, and many of the top companies in the world started with a very similar value proposition where they were the only option for a narrowly defined and rapidly growing market. For example, Facebook was the only social network worth joining as a college student to connect with friends. Google was the only search engine where it was easy to find what we were searching for fast. Amazon was the only option for easily buying any book online. Ebay was the only place for buying and selling hard to find collectibles. PayPal was the first option for power sellers on Ebay to make collecting payments easy. Snapchat was the first app to make it easy to text friends private photos and videos. For SteemJ to bring massive value to Steem and Steemit, SteemJ must provide valuable services that are not available from any competitors.

What specific types of services are needed the most for cryptocurrency users like us? Would you help me make a list here because @sarasate has setup a prototype of SteemJ at and @o5faruk is working on another one! In order to go further, we need to know which categories to begin with. Here are my ideas of basic categories SteemJ could offer. Will you give me feedback on this and recommend your own because that will allow us to make an amazing marketplace we can use together!

  1. Tag = p2pexchange. Peer to Peer Over The Counter Cryptocurrency Exchange. One of the top services I believe we could offer that would help all of us is assistance with buying and selling digital currencies. While other websites make this possible, the problem is transparency and flexibility. For example, my friend @jo3potato asked me yesterday what to do to get started buying Steem. He is excited about our community here and wants to know how to buy more. I texted him with a long answer involving wire transfers, Coinbase, bank accounts, Litecoin, Bittrex, changelly, and finally Steem. The fact is he has money and wants to change it to Steem. Meanwhile I have everything ready to accept a USD payment from him and send him Steem within minutes. Why does it have to be so difficult when many of us are going through the exact opposite process of trying to sell the Steem and SBD we earn to USD. How much would we each benefit from being able to offer our services as a buyer, seller, or trader of Steem, SBD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and fiat currencies? Currently this is not a service I believe would be allowed on Upwork or Fiverr making it ideal for deployment here. While LocalBitcoins and Wall of Coins already provide some help, the problem of changing Steem and other currencies still exists. I think our peer to peer exchange is the greatest opportunity to allow each of us to help each other buying and selling cryptocurrencies. For example, one user could offer to accept USD PayPal deposits in exchange for a 7% markup on the Steem price from Bittrex. Another could post a gig to buy SBD for cash locally. While problems are possible, establishing trust is much easier on Steemit because all of our posts and transactions are available.
  2. Tag = research. One of my greatest needs is to get help with collecting data into actionable information. For example, if I want to know what cryptocurrency is best to invest in, I currently have to spend a lot of time learning, reading, clicking, and guessing. For whales hoping to jump on the next big thing before others do, how powerful would it be to have research gigs available where the investor could pay Steem to have a trusted freelancer with proven work in their own posts through every currency available today and research all the upcoming developments with each of them? The freelancer could output very specific recommendations such as sell Bitcoin now before the August 1, 2017 potential fork and here are five new currencies worth investing in? Top investors generally have awesome teams of researchers that provide these exact services for them at very high prices. Steemit is the perfect place to make these connections because of every post effectively being a resume!
  3. Tag = steemitposts. With Steemit surging in popularity, there is likely a growing need to get help with writing posts by those with an established following and/or the ability to invest. @aarellanes and @gmichelbkk combine with a company named GoTranscript to help me transcribe my videos into posts for Steemit which is one example of how much demand there already is and likely will quickly grow going forward as more readers and authors join Steemit. Would we all benefit from being able to easily exchange services with each other related to posting on Steemit without having to use third party services?
  4. Tag = graphicdesign. How many Pexels and Pixabay photos have we already seen on Steemit? How awesome would it be to connect the artists of Steemit with the authors like me to make some higher quality photos using original artwork? I would love help with graphics for my posts and would like to pay the graphic designers on Steemit directly through steemgigs offering graphic design to draw custom art for my posts. With just the simple goal of making the quality of our pictures better on Steemit, this category likely could explode in popularity over time by attracting new users to both buy and sell.
  5. Tag = marketing.
  6. Tag = coding.
  7. Tag = translation.
  8. Tag = videoproduction.
  9. Tag = steemhere or whatever is being used already for businesses accepting payment in Steem and/or SBD.

What do you think of this list? Would you help me validate it and/or edit it because getting these categories right I believe is the key to making an amazing peer to peer marketplace for us to use with Steemit which then will add great value to Steem?

I fully support @steemgigs and hope that SteemJ contributes to the goal of 5,000 Steemgigs available for us to order from by providing guidance as to what to create and a marketplace to browse large numbers of steemgigs quickly!

Would you upvote this post because the funds from it will be used to help pay the 2,000 Steem reward for the first live

Jerry Banfield


Glad to see you've quickly become a top 10 steemian Jerry! Grats man! You might crack 15k followers before anyone else! That'll be a Steem first!

Shouldn't it be categorized in Projects and Freelancers (as usually freelance sites do)? To either find a project to work on or freelancers to work on a project?

The main limitation of this is the difficulty in people doing both which I hope to eliminate on steemj! Anyone is capable of hiring for a project and for freelancing especially on Steemit!

This sounds just awesome. I could switch out my crappy windows paint pictures this way.

Good one Jerry,
I think there should some other categories other than free lance . for example

  • Education and Information (everyone can be better and want to be better at what they do including at being a steemian)
  • Research and analysis
  • Fund raising and crowd sourcing
    -Financial intelligence
    -Personal development

Did you get big really fast because you have such a huge following on YouTube do you think?

with quality content comes the followers. he could make a new account again and don't tell the people who he is and yet he would get the huge amount of followers again.

He adds a ton of value to the community with his posts, I think it's a combination of skill and appreciation :)

I think the powerful youtube& Facebook following that @jerrybanfield created will not only be his largest asset for himself but for bringing more quality users over to the steemit platform.

Nice work Jerry. Pretty interested in the freelance coding and steem/usd marketplace.

Amazing job with SteemJ Jerry! Love the concept and all the effort you are putting into Steemit!
Upvoted and Resteemed :)

Ps: I've just published my new post to help add value to the Steemit community :D

Wow! Another high value proposal coming from you @jerrybanfield. I wonder how you are able to get those very valuable ideas. You must be very smart with IQ higher than 200. Aside from being extremely good looking just like me... hehe :) What other talents you possess? I am overwhelmed with the talents and enthusiasm God has given you
You are really a valuable asset to the steemit community. In just your short stay with Steemit I can rank you just next to steemits co-founders @ned, @dan, @dantheman and to Dan's father @stan whose work and christian values I just read yesterday (I love the backstory of how he still hopes and prays for his son despite their opposing views).
Keep on steeming @jerrybanfield you're one of the many reasons I love to check out my steemit account everyday...

This is interesting. I was gone for a couple days and am not aware of this SteemJ that you speak of. I'll look more into this. Thanks for another great post

Jerry has a previous post about his thoughts on SteemJ there were comments that elaborate more about it as well. Look it up if you've got time it sounds interesting.

There are great decentralized p2p exchange out there, like Bitsquare is one but I guess it wouldn't hurt if there's more.

Great work growing steemit.

Damn you will hit 15k followers soon thats impressive

If we start using crypto-currency for offering services, then the growth of crypto would be phenomenal and will help the mass adoption of it... Steemj looks interesting... Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this amazing stuff.

Thanks, great article. Keep them coming

great progress man.i have littel jelousy and lot of inspiration
i m following you😀

You guys are way better at this than me... I just can't wait for this to come out, the people are excited :)

Good ideas. I think the search and category functions could be much better on Steemit too. I would like additional filters available to sift through posts when researching something. I think this could add value to Steemit.

This is great! I am a music producer and also mix/master audio in my spare time for some spare pocket change. This would be a great opportunity for me.

I think there are a lot of possible collaborations beyond the ones you listed. Musicians are a community, crafters are a community, cosplayers are a community-- and all those communities have their own versions of whales and minnows--creating a platform where communities can connect and collaborate and exchange services with easily transferable crypto payments could be huge.

Oh I just love this! The musicians and crafters idea is great, for example, I could finally get some Steemit swag custom-made...

Maybe also subcategories? For example, for Coding there could be: Frontend/Javascript developers, Backend devs, Solidity devs, blockchain architects. Maybe bots devs.

Got all my support Jerry! Thanks!!!

@steemgigs is a brilliant idea, I hope soon I'll be using it too.
My upvote still don't worth much but I'll contribute too ^^

haha captain hook provided a lot of value to that alligator.

@jerrybanfield you are brilliant! this is exactly what I was talking about in my post yesterday about the value you bring to this community while growing the Steem
To read the article please click the link below

Great job, you are best in Steemit

All these new uses for the steem blockchain could make for some really cool integration with eachother in the near future, especially since everything would operate off the same set of databases. In addition, each planned use, working or not, serves as a showcase of interest from the community into the platform. This being especially prominent if done with a service that is particularly innovative (see Steemit). Hopefully all goes well with these side projects.

Brilliant Jerry!!!!!!

This will be a start of making Steemit more than just a Facebook competitor

I like the p2pexchange idea


I did not know
" For example, Facebook was the only social network worth joining as a college student to connect with friends. Google was the only search engine where it was easy to find what we were searching for fast. Amazon was the only option for easily buying any book online. Ebay was the only place for buying and selling hard to find collectibles. PayPal was the first option for power sellers on Ebay to make collecting payments easy. Snapchat was the first app to make it easy to text friends private photos and videos. "

Thanks, sharing.

Best wishes for steemJ

I am glad to see your post, you become a top steemit man Jerry, well congrats man. One day, you have 1 Million followers before anyone else.

Using existing posts as content for another platform is panalizing all the community on Google Search Engine.

Publishing the same content on mulpiple domains is HIGHly penalized by Google and it's actually consider:

  • bad practice
  • content duplication
  • no professional software

For these reasons I will never support SteemJ or any alternative User Interface to since Google one day could be the ally n.1 for the community have the potential to be the website n.1 in the world, better than wordpress, than youtube or blogspot.

Michael Asumcinei

I found your youtube page by mistake about 4 months ago and I been hooked to crypto every since i just want to say thanks

Steemit is getting popular at a good rate right now. Implementing some of the proposed actions in this post will actually go a long way to make this place a sanctuary for newbies who seek info on good investments in cryptos. Of course, steem token will also appreciate faster and smoother I guess

Upvote @joedirt I found steemit thanks to your videos!

great post uncle Jerry :)

You are rewarded @jerrybanfield
When you believe in something, you go for it with all your strength and abilities. You brought a lot of people and helped countless of people.
You can follow me also and have a quick look on my blog. I support and pray for you too. You are blessed

I would be happy to use this once it gets up and going.

Making cryptocurrency practical is what will take it to the next level! One of the challenges that cryptos faced a few years ago was the fact that they weren't being used for everyday purchases and transactions. If the leaders like Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Steem can integrate across a variety of platforms and become very hands on and usable, then the sky is the limit, in my opinion. Great post! Upvoted! :)

I really like your writing, you are one of my favotites, I hope you always give motivation to our readers who are just learning about steemit, And drop by my account, I would be very happy to respond to criticism and suggestions from all of you, thank you :)

Steemit all the way , resteeming to my 240 followers.

Great idea, sounds interesting =)

Hi Jerry. Your posts are so inspiring i joined steemit a few weeks ago. Love your videos and blog.

I am on steemit because of you Jerry. Continue promoting it please :)

Great work Jerry. I've been reading your articles and watching your Youtube channel for a while. Always great material.

I don't see "blockchain app development" on this list, but maybe that's deliberate, for some reason?

Otherwise, I, for one, would humbly suggest one, as I've spent the last few hours thinking up ways besides crypto that I could use any share of the EOS blockchain I would obtain by buying some coin during its ICO (e.g. rental properties activity tracking and management, on effectively a tiny "private" part of the public blockchain).

But in any event, I would be looking for developer(s) that have experience in and with the community, not just the technical experience, to build it for me, which is where this tag would be handy... a dedicated pool of freelance developers whose stated interests lie in work within this niche space.

That would fit under coding or maybe have its own category?

Probably a sub-categorization of some kind, but mostly because I really should clarify myself here - I was using the term developers to mean a category of Steem app developers advertising specialized offerings dedicated towards this specific environment.

Kind of like what described here earlier, and way better than I:

"Maybe also subcategories? For example, for Coding there could be: Frontend/Javascript developers, Backend devs, Solidity devs, blockchain architects. Maybe bots devs."

Possibly further outside the aims of this marketplace's initial offerings, but I just thought I'd mention it. I mean, if I was looking to have a bot made, I sure as hell wouldn't know where else to look ;)

I just wanna be like you Jerry !

Jerry you are a Rock Star here on STEEMIT that does more than many people know to make it Better !!!!

Those services are great I like your post thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Wow Jerry this is ambitious and amazing. I hope the Steemit community can help you launch your cryptocurrency freelance marketplace!

It would be nice if the p2pexchange had some kind of legal guidelines for users to avoid cases like these:

I imagine it wouldn't be too good for steemj's reputation to end up on the news in this way.

To have base list of categories is good. I think music prod could be added, which could include the production off f a click track or idea or whistled melody, add lyrics into a full fledged song. Or just the clean up of existing tracks, similar to vid prod.

On the issue of categories, your taxonomy would be best if left organically growing. God knows, new jobs that don't exist yet may emerge.

Love the idea.
Also think it may be worth looking into creating a coop-cash based med insurance service... as medical services paid in cash are approx. 10x or more cheaper than insurance covered care. Just thinking out loud.

ch @globocop

Thanks for reading. 😎

ch @globocop

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This is exactly what we need. btw way my upvote this time was over a dollar. I have no clue what I giving away but it feels good.
Looks like we need to create our own instagram, youtube etc and keep it all in-house offering these services.
The most needed function is an easier way to exchange SBD to fiat currencies as many people need a cheap/free way to get the money they have earned on steemit into their hands.
The current setup is cumbersome and outmoded and I haven't even tried it yet as I have virtually nothing to exchange. Putting cash into steem seems like a bit of a mission too. I'm all up for simplifying the process.

thank for yet another great proposition.apart from those cracking points you mentioned above, in my own opinion, as digitization is fast taken a new dimension in the world today, i think acceptance is still posing the greatest challenge,we the cryto traders should encourage various moves by the financial actors of our different governments in making cash less policy a reality. we have to launch a laudable digital currency campaign in our various social media platform and you see people developing interest thereby increasing more more people to join.i just created a telegram and whatsapp group not only purposely for steem but other atcoins and people are joining.i think it will help as digital coin is fast becoming global.thanks once again.

If there was a way to exchange Steem for online games like in G2A I'm sure there would be a lot more gamers on the site.

Thanks for another infomative piece. You're an inspiration to we steemit users

i love enthusiasm bro....great post :-D

Me on steemj be like ...

i agree thanks for always posting and helping the community out to understand these topics

follow for follow @dkinx

Jerry drop it like a boss! You just go and do!

Great idea.

Congratulations on growing so fast on steemit Jerry !

Jerry do you work for Steemit/Steem?

All of your posts feel like something a moderator would put out

He is a big investor.

we all do in a way or another ;)

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Thanks Jerry!

I think this is an absolutely exquisite idea. I'm a graphic designer, I serve entrepreneurs and more specifically those involved with cryptocurrency; and I'd love more avenues to make more of this possible. Here's a look at my logo design portfolio:

did you start doing this because you are jobless? Or did you quit your job because this became big? Because you certainly have a lot of time to make video's and blogs.. but keep it up I follow you and I think your info is usefulll

Great works as aways.


Thats awesome @jerry

Highly beneficial posts. Increase knowledge for the read. Good

Yes this is nice and will support you. Just let me know if you need my help. Thanks!

Imagine a Pandora that pays you out in cryptocurrency for using their platform instead of Pandora and spotify!!! I think that would be amazing and totally doable with cryptocurrencies. Even if it's only micropayments of fractions of a cent, these companies make ad revenue that they cannot make without your participation

Overall i agree with all 9 points, Especially point for as a graphic designer :P

@jerrybanfield I would do graphics work for you in exchange for steem. I am also currently sitting on enough credits for five thousand images on a major stock site. This offer goes to pretty much anyone else as well that needs good graphics.

Nice initiative

nice post brother......iam from indonesia, please Up vote and follow me @yahqan..tq brother

this is awesome

Thanks for Share. upvotes & like your post!

No matter what coin you're interested in. Look for the ones that offer a product and or service people are using like Steemit. It's difficult at the moment because the market is dominated with rich investors who are looking for control, investing based on Wallstreet (which is stupid). So until that settles down, it's the wild west. This is good long term. Take your time looking for those companies that will survive the new dot com bubble.