i guess i expected more from my time here

in steemiversary •  14 days ago  (edited)

i used to write long posts. but i gave up.

hars to spill your heart for pennies.


was 14 of these i believe

2 or 3 of these

i dunno. maybe i just expected too much. shrug

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I'd have to say, give it time, @dunstuff

too soon to judge how this HF 21 is going to affect us all.
I have suspicions, but, let's wait a bit and see.

thanks for presenting on #pypt @pypt

shrug indeed ... its been going nowhere but south here and atm feels like death-spasms , i still hope things get back to a bit of a reasonable place for people who post under $20 as well , without being downvoted to minus 12 if you use a bot. It does seem like a bit of a waste after a while writing page long essays on whatever's on your mind to see it come down to a few cents, like "is this what my life story is worth" lol , but well ...
it aint over yet, its about the most hackable space so personally im more or less waiting for the first guy, gal or group to come up with the next thing they will wanna patch out on the next hardfork because it upsets the "balance of power" and might give little people a bit of a shot at getting something out of it more than the satisfaction of begging for a vote from a whale ... i hear ya, unless i misunderstood, but steemits not the world (although i get the impression some people here havent left that upper echelon chat in years and they think it actually is)
its just a real waste, right .. .happy anniversary :) sun will rise tomorrow and all this hurts the millionnaires a lot more than it does the pennyposters :D
see you around
seen someone wrecked yesterday, downright censored on a post asking not to go wild on the downvotes lol, probably lost $10 or maybe $20 on promotion money on it - im afraid that might be a sign of things to come, mister Morgan here will go at half speed , or rather 57% speed of usual unless it gets deemed non #new ... world order , but im thinking already they just go after people who use upvote bids, because they got a moral excuse from above and its always nice to hunt in packs when its justified, makes you feel like you belong. I havent figured out the math behind curation yet unless thats non linear too b/c from what i see on a 120sp account voting 24/7 with 100/100% votes it would take between 2.5 and 5 years to get the amount of steem i put in it back, even 100% just, not talking roi or anything, so i guess its the place for the rich to give cookies to what entertains them now ... but im hanging around, its not even worth selling off anymore lol ... hang in there mate

in essence (always with the popular opinion) : its not worth spending money on unless you wanna 'play' curator and enjoy the power or unless you got a brand and ad-money (at the risk of being downvoted, for instance some people REALLY dis-like coca-cola etc ...) or a huge project you can run off of the steemchain, the rest of us in down below its best to make do with what have and scrap for pennies

so, my assessment, in essence, nothing's changed for me ;-p) shrug it off indeed

I just looked at a few of your posts. I am surprised no one has downvoted you into oblivion... you are posting the same thing every day. That is a guarantee of zero success on this platform.

oh so you're here for 2 years, nice..but I was wondering why no need for long story.
thanks for sharing at #pypt

Saw this dropped on PYPT and have to say congrats man! Consistency is key, and persistence will pay off. Not all posts have to be 10,000 word novels ;)

You got to get out more.
Until you are a daily presence, at least in the comments, nobody knows you are here.
We are a tough crowd.
You have to earn your recognition, if you want some.


I think all of us in PYPT agree with you, that curation rewards seem DOWN instead of up, as we were promised, because of the convoluted math in the reward curve. I am going to keep pouring my heart into it for now, though, and hope for the best.

I believe the opposite! I seem to be acquiring more curation rewards than before.. I mean, more of the things I upvote are rewarding me, where as before I hardly ever had curation rewards to claim.

Could be that I've improved my curating skills? I dunno, either way I'll take it!

You know why I came here? PYPT.

You see, networking and getting in with the right communities is key to success here. You've gained a new follower, so please do not disappoint me.. I follow people because I want to read their posts ;)