YAY Today I turn 1

Hey everyone, I make regular steemd.com checks, I knew that today was coming sometime in September, I didn't actually realize that it was today! I can't believe how time flies, it really has been an incredible journey. I have found so much out about myself in the last year and predominantly thanks to Steemit.

I never knew I could take such decent pics, I have a passion for photography even, albeit still only using a cellphone camera which surprisingly takes some fantastic shots, the macro shots I so love. I didn't realize I couldn't write (or as badly as I do) but try we shall and do ;) I also did not know what an incredible love and passion I had for bees, so much so that just of late the last three weeks become a bee-keeper with 5 swarms soon to be ten, and on my way to becoming a top South African Honey Producer. A farmer I guess you could call me, who would have thought? My importing business has just recently gone bust so the timing of all this could not have been better, I feel really blessed actually, albeit in a rather challenging time of my life!


A special shout out to a few really amazing Steemians who have pretty much been with me here from day one and or supported me here on a continual basis from when we met. @shaka we had a very infamous Zulu warrior called Shaka-Zulu who ruled with an iron fist and was not to be meddled with, you sir are a kind and compassionate cool person, many thanks for all the support and love, you have lifted my spirits on many an occasion. @papa-pepper you Sir, are a Steemit legend, thanks for all the support, love, cool contests and wicked smiles keep up the great work. @creativetruth also known you a long time many thanks for all the camaraderie, comments, love and interaction it's been real cool and much appreciated, @andre-ager silent supporter many thanks always appreciated and never goes un-noticed.

My South African mates @therneau @braaiboy @bmj and @springbokkie thanks a ton for everything really do appreciate it. My silent supporters @ahabresteems and @liberyworms 'Salute and Namaste'

Lastly, my Father @quailbreeder and sister @buckaroo I love you too both broken and thanks for just been you x

To everyone else I have forgotten to mention, many thanks!!

Here is to the next year, let it be even better than the last!!!

Take it easy, hang loose, be cool and Cheer$;)



Happy #Steemiversary dude! \m/
Keen for an impromptu SteemUp later to celebrate? ;-)

Congrats bud and wishing you all the best with the bee keeping :) That sure has developed quickly.

Keep on steeming.


Thanks bruv

WOOOHOOOO!!! You are so mature for your age! So you really must be my kid brother

Thanks my sister x

Happy Birthday, mine is on friday.

Congratlations my boy! You doing a great job. keep it rolling.......