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#steemitzombies read here and here are trying to give old posts some fresh exposure, and under that banner I am reposting a blog from about 20 months ago. I received a princely $0.04c and a few votes but I felt the post was entertaining and deserved a tiny bit more.

I grew up in South Africa in the late 60’s and early 70’s. A unique experience for various reasons, the most essential one being the political status quo..Apartheid. I really do not want to address the political aspects here, but rather give a sense of what life was like for me (and most others), growing up being one of THIRTEEN siblings living in the South of Johannesburg a very poor area commonly referred to as the “Suffering South”. I have an interesting story to tell. Let us start with early influences ..


I believe that that era was and still is the absolute golden age of music; not since the days of Beethoven, Liszt, Mozart and co. was there ever a time when musicians broke all the rules and at the time created a new type of ‘sound’ which was labelled ‘Rock and Roll’
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But I digress...
Now there was no TV in South Africa at that time.... radiograms were not common place, well certainly not in the South of Johannesburg.

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Radiograms were generally referred to as the Wireless, and these had ‘valves’ which had to warm up before the thing would play .... these damn bulbs would have a habit of ‘blowing’, much like a fuse.

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In the kitchen we had a small set similar to the one pictured below, and when I came home from junior school my mom would let me listen to Lourenco Marques music radio (LM Radio beamed out of Mozambique on AM radio) for half an hour, and in return I would have to string the green beans, peel potatoes and carrots while she listened to her favorite serial ‘Geheim Van Nantes’ (Secret of Nantes).

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I was only eight years old at the time, but the excitement of that sound coming out of the radio was orgasmic...not that I was that aware at the time. All I know is that I looked forward to that half an hour as much as a drug addict looks forward to a fix. I did not know it...but I was a music addict.

Procol Harem - Whiter Shade of Pale ...what an impact

To this day this is a song that takes me back to those days, the cold linoleum floor against my bare feet as I stood on tiptoe...trying to get my ear as close as possible to hear every chord of that magic sound .. memorizing every chord, band and song title..for dissemination and discussion with my friends at school the next day. That half an hour flew by so fast... it was criminal!! Yet I would peel and chop those vegetables with a light heart .. replaying each song in my head... energized and happy.

This is a small introduction, we have a long road to walk... I hope you will walk along the way with me....


a very good post my friend. and hopefully you are always in good health always. @themagus

happy to join you @themagus, good post, I am also a music lover, music is life, success is always for you.

Great post sir

this is a great life, hopefully you always success yes, I will always support you, hopefully you can help me friends.
I will upvote and restem

@themagus I first follow your post and I have upvote and resteem

post with a very high quality by telling the life experience of the era of 60-70 is great for me thanks for sharing his friends, may life in this modern era is always healthy and given sustenance abundant amen @themagus

articles are good friends, music is a distraction that always rise, success for you friend

congrats on reviving your post from .04 to almost $10 !!

I love music also and have been addicted to many different albums throughout my life..

posting very nice friends, i really like his.

an experience of our lives much that we take for the future of life berma our parents and our families.

songs that are very touching heart, I really like to hear about your post, and success always @themagus

In my family, too, was this enormous radio on legs) and Yes, rock and roll - this is more, than simply direction in music.

Wow, you have an amazing way with words, my friend. I was right there in that kitchen with you, straining to catch every last note.

Even though our life experiences are vastly different (thirteen kids? And here I complain about being one of five!), it sounds like we grew up around the same time, although I'm feeling incredibly spoiled by my childhood. For example, I spent many hours with my very own turntable (it could only play 45s) listening to one song over and over again, until I knew all the words. Of course, it helped that my dad owned a TV & Appliance shop.

I'd say this was very worthy of raising from the dead. Just make sure you keep a salt circle around you at all times, just in case... 😉

For some arb reason my second post in the growing up stuff got a whales attention and netted me $31 ....three times more than TWO months worth of posts...part three which I shall resurrect today was a sad one...and got $0.00c.
Thanks for your support young lady {smile}.... {pops over to traci's blog}

Funny how certain things catch people's attention, yet other stuff seems invisible.

You're welcome, and thanks in return for calling me young...LOL!

Esto no veo ninguna de las imágenes ¿ Por qué?

Happy to see this resurrected, as I didn't see it first time round. Please redo part 2 as well so we can see it without having to scroll back and back and back... EDIT - all good, found the link...

A very interesting story about your past. Yeah right sometimes music can bring us back. Reopen past memory. Hope you are better and happier in the present. Thank you for your support @themagus. 😊

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