The Granby Triangle Project, Toxteth.. Liverpool. 2020

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See it’s not all about rusty old machinery and granny”s old knicker draw. UE can take you to places like this too.
Didn’t know it was here, just where I parked up to get into a previously uploaded visit.

The area was one of the areas settled by immigrants from in the main Nigeria and other parts of the African continent. It is still multi-ethnic today.

The area has been undergoing regeneration for the past 15 years, still work to do.

Toxteth in the 80’s was the scene of inner city riots and known as a no go area. Today it’s different, the folk I saw out and about had a smile and some stopped to chat.

The oompah lumpahs of google have lots of info on the area, so interested parties should run a search. I won’t cut and paste their work.






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I still think riots when I hear the name. It's a stigma that's hard to remove much like Brixton.

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