Stunning street art, in and around Gdańsk shipyard. 2019

in #steemitworldmap4 years ago

It was great to travel through Gdańsk last autumn, a warm sunny Saturday saw me spend several hours mooching about the shipyard (previously uploaded).
I don’t do museums/art galleries/churches et al. Give me street life

Enjoy the visit DF5009B0B79E490CBADF60EFC04130C4.jpegFCA6D0E9FED9490B86DB9F110ACA1597.jpeg1045E80EBEE24BF081718B4E0F9EEBB2.jpeg7F4DAB3B123C4AC69F3A72399B2F8A09.jpeg7220AD77A6834E8580461007D2D8368D.jpeg8D6DE065EF294E1B8F09586742EB170C.jpeg06267803FA31461387B6C32414EECD91.jpegB7C1C473EC264AEF8858D2FE93702BBE.jpegF8F2315B19954D8E8013075219C3B662.jpeg8C6CE60826AF4D0397A8D6DAA9AD4058.jpeg9E8CCB5CBADA406DADC883AFF1BFA568.jpegE180B2FC89274A66ABA4477D89F796E3.jpeg31690C883034418BAB8BE3EC1C62A873.jpeg0B4608A0DBCA4C95918F00CAF0698BC4.jpeg09472F9D805F4538B47E7B026A32EBB4.jpeg42FA2661B23D499FA23AF9502E13B762.jpeg4E629BD2D66240A9B0295E50B321FF3A.jpeg46B7DCCA91A44D5ABD10C5D77D5B16B8.jpeg5F235FE23FD24D579EFC6FD0449A04A8.jpegA8B6FE4A9E8C4649A202B5565FE0FA71.jpeg398EEC4995C94087A3F2F5350FE6BC97.jpegBA5AFC8EBE014293B3F621F29B8FBAC4.jpegF04E3EFA00834BD38D2090B3A7DF1E81.jpeg6594B69BEAA14DDCB8F7BA27F38A1EE5.jpeg40C9C9EE3DFE46CA8171C4A02771446A.jpeg4776FAC445744FF5A3AE5EE87349ABF1.jpegD8D30E166A2C471A9372C7EB41F0FB4A.jpeg


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