STEEMIT WORLD LOTTERY # 34. Minimum Jackpot is now $153.23 (U.S. $ paid out in SBD) Next Drawing is 1/21/2017 @ 10:12 p.m. CT!!! (Second Post)



The winning numbers will still be based on the numbers drawn by the Texas Lottery. The winner will only need to match 4 out of the 6 numbers that are drawn to win. This not only increases the odds of winning, but it also increases the odds of there being more than one winner.

As people enter I will put everyone's numbers in my spreadsheet, which I have already created, and match the entries to the winning numbers.

In order to enter stememians must upvote the lottery post. Entries submitted without an upvote will be declared invalid. This will ensure that there will only be one entry per Steemit account and will make the jackpots bigger.

The winner of any single drawing will win 40% of the pot or $100 Steem dollars if the pot is less. I will keep 25% of the pot for running the lottery and buying promotional giveaways. 35% of the lottery will go to promote Steemit some how. I haven't decided exactly how to use the promotion money but I think it should be a Steemit community decision. So I guess we'll vote on that.

The Steemit World Lottery will now have 2 posts per game. Players can enter once on each post. So each player will be able to enter twice per game.

So pick 4 numbers between 1-52, then upvote post, then post you numbers in a comment/reply.



p.s. No one won in the last drawing. The winning numbers were:


11/ 18 /19 /22 !
Ok so upvoted and resreemed ! And entered the lottery ! Now i need to write a post about it i guess !? Steeming on ! 😎👍

Awesome!!! Thank you! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!!

All Done I just posted my story ! Chack it out ! I will put it in steemit chat as well ! 👍😎

9 19 27 28

21 . 34 . 13 . 8

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