Mindset shift, mindset molding(MSMM) with Empress

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MSMM 8. Celebrate your goals as though they have already happened.
I am so happy and grateful now that I am a whale on steemit
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So so happy, I can feel it💃💃💃💃😇😇
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Oh oh😂😂🎶🎶🎺
I feel it 💃💃💃
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That is how to create. Imagine what you want to be, then feel as if you already are that thing.
Celebrate 🎇🎺🎺🎶🎶, dance💃💃💃.
See yourself as your dream right now and celebrate it.
Think about it often and feel good any time it crosses your mind which should be very often.

Think, how will I feel or behave if this happens to me?
Then behave like that. Laugh, cry the tears of joy.

I tell you. There is no way, it won't happen.

Empress says to you, no dream is to big to achieve. Only small minds. Enlarge your mind to take more.