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Steemit Weekly is 1 Month Old

Hello and welcome to the @steemitweekly #introduceyourself post.


This project is the brainchild of three Steemians you might have never heard of.

@enforcer48, @lovenfreedom, and @iamstan are involved in many projects on Steemit but this is the first one they started from scratch.

We found there was so much drama on Steemit that it's hard to keep up with it. We realized that many times we found out about things when it was old news. Then we didn't not have a chance to be involved in those important things on Steemit.

Things move fast on Steemit with the 7 day payout. It's easy to feel left behind. We wanted to change all that so everyone could always be up to speed on the good news going on at Steemit.


We now have a Discord server HERE where you can bring us scoops that you think are worthy of the 5 weekly stories we share. We hope to be able to reward people who become involved but that will be in the future as we are just beginning.

We hope to get more accounts involved in this project. It will grow and become the place to come once a week and know what is going on.

We try to get the weekly out on Saturday evening EST. Then you can read it on Sunday for your Sunday paper while drinking coffee, iced tea or your favorite reading beverage.

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Info aggregator essentially.


Surely this will be very helpful to us, thanks so much.


We will try to keep it interesting.

A very cool idea! Do you also think to put out theme related editions from time to time?


Most definitely! It could be based around holidays, or significant world events, etc.


Yes, this is what I just had in mind, this would make a cool collection/edition.

Brilliant idea! Keeping up with current happening on Steemit is quiet a hard task, am sure with this initiative this challenge will become history. Nice work!


We will try to highlight the best tidbits on the blockchain. We also invite all Steemians to participate as they wish.

Congratulations @enforcer48, @lovenfreedom, @iamstan you are doing @steemitweekly extremely interesting. It really saves a lot of time browsing for good content when you know that someone is doing it for you, you or I just wait for new Saturday issue to appear and then enjoy the best posts from steemit blockchain of the past week. This is definitely my favorite steemit digest. I will keep on reading and enjoying it. Thank You!


Well, by good, we hope you meant dramatic. :D

Thank you for choosing Steemit Weekly!

Fun seeing this grow. Thanks


It will hopefully keep growing.

Soy nuevo en la pagina... todo lo creado con dedicación y esfuerzo, los lleva al exitos. Excelente noticias.


You are free to share news from the Spanish community as well!


There's a good combo there.

This is really something I am looking forward to.


We hope to see your comments in our future publications!


We don't make promises. We deliver.

This is like a newbie's saviour. Thank you.


Know the drama. Stay out of it. We aim to please.

this is very helpful with more structured from week to week @steemitweekly .

This is a great idea... I'll download the app once I subscribe for a new data bundle


We don't have an app yet, but it's a possible future direction! :)

Wow! So many things here I just can't keep up right now. But keep 'em coming! I will catch up eventually! Thank you from the bottom of my whatever Steemians call tails here......Peace.

I'll keep your issue till Monday to read it while I am going to my work! Joke).

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You can read it whenever you want. Preferably before the next publication.

good project. real news is the best quality content this platform could have.
newspaper, magazine company, printed media should have a steemit account for publishing their content.

I do not wait for Sunday to come

This is amazing how to keep up

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Thanks @steemitweekly, I feel like I've just been invited to sit with the 'cool kids'


all good, (as a noob) I really appreciate your project and totally agree when you say 'it's easy to feel left behind', the feed can be quite overwhelming at first so I look forward to @steemitweekly keeping me up to date with some of the important stuff.

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Amazing, thanks for this post. Superb bro

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Good luck with your project @steemitweekly.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Nice post 👍🏻