Hmm, off to Steemfest and didn't bother to comment?

sad too...

We will just pretend everyone is in Krakow now.

I upvoted and resteemed! From my sickbed :P

I hope you get well real soon, @kabir88. And thank you for all you do.

Thanks! Take it easy man.

I've personally been extremely busy and I'm sure a lot of other people are as well, though I can relate to the feeling. Steem feels slower than it used to feel. Hopefully just a temporary thing. Ned must be pretty busy too as I read the Q&A thing and I think he only answered one of the questions..? That's kind of discouraging as well. There's a bunch of people asking good genuine questions there, quite a few people who are pretty loyal to steem and, I guess he couldn't even be bother to barely show up at his own Q&A.. Though I guess maybe if I read through the comments and saw all the people making fun of my hair and all the other really harshly critical stuff I might wanna shrug it off also. I dunno. Feels weird though.

Who is making fun of me? I would gladly go toe to toe with any of the mops they wear on their heads. if I had toes that is. I just take it as people are having fun on the internet. I will take that any day over the garbage over on facebook where everyone is fighting over political races or deciding what is going to offend them that day and who they will be boycotting for the next 24 hours until they get offended by something else. If we are not all together forming this glorious hairdo then we are separate and that is like a bald spot that no one wants.

We see that you haven't met @nedshair.

It's also Steem Fest time. We hope things pick up when folks return.

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