Do Steemit Wallet Problems Present Reduction In The Overall Value Of The STEEM Coin?

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The question;

Do Steemit Wallet Problems Present Reduction In The Overall Value Of The STEEM Coin?

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If you're on @Steemit you have the @Steemitwallet.
True or false?

Is the Steemit wallet a corporation decision or a phising hack?

Does your Steemit wallet function correctly?
Yes or No. *I've personally found that my Steemit Wallet is resisting the allowance of collection. I click the button to collect, enter the appropriate password, the window never refreshes to display the increase in ballance. My reward collection would allow for additional transfers to upvoters available. However, due to the failure to collect. It's been difficult to continue to mine my social media posts with the help of upvoters assistance. (Those using Upvoter bots. I've found a majority return less than you pay for the bot. Basically, your upvotes may earn you trend space. Resteems may have viewers that are actually interested in your content. However there's no way to tell what your resteem will reward for the cost. Enter at your own risk and ride the wave out is the goal.

If people cannot access rewards, does the reduction reduce the amount of volume traded?
This may result in a devaluation. On one hand it makes it difficult to see the forest through the trees. You have to start somewhere. Every post is made with some form of effort. The result of having been rewarded with the ability to manage STEEM is a wonderful thing. When it functions correctly the offering to promote with SBD also exists. If users can't access their cryptocurrency tokens their interest may be lost while down. How can the Steemit wallet be corrected to offer that all users have no problem collecting?

Do you think that STEEM is loosing steam on the cryptocurrency top ratings list with wallet problems? Is there a solution to provide me with so that I might be able to collect my current rewards? Considering the wallet changes. Wouldn't it be easier to automatically reward to the account? The funds hiding in rewards are viable STEEM tokens. Without their release made easy it may feel like crypto being held hostage. Are you experiencing Steemit Wallet problems?

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