#SteemitUp! Love D’Unlovable Campaign

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SteemitUp! Love D’Unlovable Campaign is a call to action. We are all aware that humans are not perfect and no one is perfectly well. That said, I am asking you to face the reality that, at one point or another, you were hurt, ignored, and threatened but let's move on and recognize the power of love. So, Steemians, I would like you to stop pretending that you're better but others are sicker, more damaged and, totally, more unlovable than you. If you know how it feels when someone's a mess, when a child gets abandoned, when a friend experience rejection, or when your dad comes home jobless and your mom becomes hopeless, then STEEM IT UP—LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT!

#SteemitUp! Mechanics

Join #SteemitUp! Challenge today by promoting an overcomer attitude. And what does it take to win? Well, let's connect and move together by fulfilling our dreams and interests.

Here are the things that we need to understand:

  1. We are all in this together.
  2. We have to know the need of our fellow Steemian.
  3. We have to commit ourselves to LOVE.
  4. We are going to express that love through kindness.
  5. We SteemitUp! [Love D'Unlovable no matter what!]

No matter how many times each one of us gets a beating, we will keep on fighting but we must fight smart! We need to surround ourselves with likeminded Steemians who will never give up, who will continue on loving us, and persuade us to conquer our struggles.

Do this challenge by mobilizing 2-3 Steemians to work with you on #SteemingItUp!

The Goal: Build up a Steemian newbie who has little influence by helping him/her grow his reputation to gain rewards.

Don't just approach anyone and say "Let's do follow4follow, upvote4upvote, comment4comment, or resteem4resteem." Read their content. Be their big bro or sis and make a difference in their lives. LOVE THEM!

That's it! Remember, nobody wins alone. So #SteemitUp to a better world, to a greater Steemitsphere!

What do you think of this campaign? If you want to add something, feel free to comment below...

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That's right!


Thanks, Francis :)

nice post following you


Hi! Thanks for your encouraging comment, @vcclothing.

I love this! This is what Steemit is all about! I've been considering doing some contests where the reward is the entire payout of the post (save for that used for promotion). Any suggestions?


Hi! I have a followup post for this challenge. Hope you'll find something that will be of value. Thanks for loving the concept, @flaccidfervor!

Here's the campaign continuation...
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