Steemit Ultra Marathon – Game four– round four results

And here it is, the big one. Who crossed the line first? In the end it was that cunning old bugger who saved himself (and 6 gels!) for the final push and staggered across the line first.

Bib: 5 
Bib: 4 
Second place
Bib: 3 
Third place
Bib: 6 
4th place
Bib: 1 
59.69kmsGels: 3
Health: health-2.png
You passed through an aid station and this replenished your supply of gels - adding 2, let you rest a bit, reducing your fatigue, You passed through an aid station and this replenished your supply of gels - adding 1,
Weird stuff happens on the trails
You grab some food from a pocket and discover it is the most delicous thing you have ever tasted. You run the next ten minutes with a smile on your face.
Bib: 2 
55.64kmsGels: 1
Health: health-3.png
You passed through an aid station and this replenished your supply of gels - adding 1,
Weird stuff happens on the trails
You catch up to a small group in front and do a bit of slipstreaming, saving some enrgy and gaining some distance.


@toofasteddie tried hard to hold onto the lead, but the damage he had taken early on in the race really slowed him down on the final leg seeing him fade to third.

@planktoplanks made the most of the rest break taken earlier and with fresher legs pushed hard on the last stretch to secure second place.

But WAIT! STOP PRESS! OMG! This has never happened before!

A quick glance at the actual numbers generated by the calculations showed a surprising result, one I’ve not encountered in all of the games and testing……..

We have the TIE!

@toofasteddie and @plankstoplanks have exactly the same distance covered (to 2 decimal places), which means (in terms of this race) the crossed the finish line in second place together.

Well done to both of you!

So that means @soluce07 is bumped up to third place and gets a place on the podium.

@amico is not far off the finish line either, with just a couple of kms to run, with @karenb54 making it through the final checkpoint in 8.5 hours, well under the cut-off time and looking good to finish her first ultra marathon.

Well done to all of the runners. I hope you enjoyed the game.

And while you sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of your victory, or are just grateful that it is finally over and you can go back to the rest of your lives, spare a thought for a poor little old man who has to run this course for real in five day time (on a gamy leg I injured in the Wellington Marathon).

If I survive the day, I’ll run another round of the game after the race, so keep an eye out for that.

Winners – I’ll pay out ALL FOUR of you later on today.

Proof of payment

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Wow! I can't believe I caught up with @toofasteddie! Congrats to on the smart strategy to take home the win. Thanks for a fun round! And I hope you take a little bit of energy from us all as you race the course in person. Wishing you fresh legs and strong lungs!


Thanks for that. And well done on second place. Considering how the race started out for you, that's a massive comeback. Well done you!


I just finished binge-reading Scott Jurek's latest book about his Appalachian Trail experience, so I must have been channeling some ultra energy. ;)

I thank @toofasteddie for his sportiness that, with a very generous gesture, has turned the "off podium" players into winners: you're brilliant!

It was a beautiful race, instructive, fun and exciting: thanks to all!

Thank you very much, it's up to you now to get your victory in the real race... I sincerely hope so!

A big hug to all, from @amico!


Keep on running man!

Hahhahahhah! Second!!! not bad at all!! I enjoyed so much .
I am going to share part of my prize with @amico and @karenb54 that have been a very good runners as well!!!


well done to you for finally making the podium!

And I have learned the lesson myself for this weekend - don't start out too fast ;-)

maybe I can be like my dad and power home on the final stretch. (but probably not hehe)

*When someone tells you that what you want to do is impossible, change the word in your head to hard. What you want to do is hard. Hard is doable – it just requires dedicated work and effort and you can make it happen.

*Resteemed by @runningproject

Congratulations to all the participants, it was a great race, even though I cracked at the end Thank you ;-) @plantestoplanks, you ended up like a rocket.

Now that was a surprise, I was hoping to catch plantstoplanks, and I thought toofasteddie had it sewn up.
Thanks for running the race again, it was fun, hope you do it all again after your real run.
Thanks to all the other runners, it was fun playing with you