BREAKING NEWS: Steemit is trending on Twitter..!!

#Steemit users / Twitter users Database

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BREAKING NEWS: #Steemit is trending on Twitter..!!

I am sure that this is the sort of headline you would love to read and hopefully with your help it may not be as far-fetched as it seems.

Earlier on, I shared with you a Blog about compiling a simple database of active #Steemit users / active Twitter users and I thank those that have supported the idea by offering up their names.

To kick things off

To kick things off, I have decided to trawl through twitter and come up with a basic list of 30 users to show you what it would look like.

This is the database so far....


List of 30 #Steemit users

@abdulmanan, @anahilarski, @andrarchy, @andy4475, @asolopreneur, @buzzirk, @crimsonclad, @czechglobalhosts, @dan, @dante31, @fatherfaith, @hilarski, @jaraumoses, @jpperc, @lorenayogini, @mammasitta , @meesterboom, @ned, @reseller, @roelandp, @samueldouglas, @steemit, @Steemitadventure, @steemitbd , @steevc, @stephenkendal, @surfermarly, @troyvandeventer, @vlemon, @wagnertamanaha

Target of +300 users

To start off, I would like to compile a list of +300 users that are active on both #Steemit and twitter and once again reach out to everyone for your help.

Get #Steemit to trend on twitter

With +300 users then available, a carefully choreographed tweet will be planned, shared and sent out on a specified date/time with two more followed in quick succession.


Retweet/like/share/promote simultaneously

With a set number of users ready to retweet/like/share/promote simultaneously in quick succession, we will have a great deal of data as to the impact it would have.

If +300 users is not enough to make it trend then we will simply have to do some more work and get more behind it.

Two weeks to compile the database

I have set a target to compile the database within two weeks and would therefore reach out for all your help in getting this message out.

BREAKING NEWS: #Steemit is trending on Twitter..!!

" a heading for a Blog like this possible?"

Anything is possible, it's just down to whether you want it or not..!!


Thanks again for reading and thanks to all those that have supported the #steemittwitterdatabase initiative so far.

I apologise to all those that may have had a heart attack with the above title.

Format to enter your name

If you are on twitter and would like to participate, please leave your #Steemit Name and Twitter Name in comments below, like this.....

Steemit @stephenkendal
Twitter @stephenpkendal

The database will be shared on #Steemit as it is being built for everyone to use.


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Had me fooled. @allen_taylor on Twitter and @blockurator on Steemit.


Steemit @blockurator
Twitter @allen_taylor

Perfect. I have just put it in this format so when I scrape the comments I can pick it up easily. Now following you on twitter. Stephen