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Hlo friends.. I was just scrolling down my youtube feed and I found something interesting over there.
There were some tools that gonna make steemit more interesting, easy and also we can earn more steem dollar through them.

Here is the list and description about them--

  1. STREEMIAN : This tool will help you to automate your steem blog. Let me show you how its done. Assume , if you are going on a vacation and you are on strict schedule of posting on steemit on a daily basis. Your followers could be waiting for you for your latest post as everyday.
    There you will need a bot or an automatic scheduling software for your post to make it easy for you to post them on your vacation too. there you will need this tool. This is basically a website, where you can schedule your posts for upto a month.

First, you have to verify your email on it, after that it will take some days or at most a week. Then, it will ask you to post your blog posts scheduled in front the given calendar and clock in the tool. After pressing enter, you are free for a month.

  1. STEEMNOW: Now this is a great tool if want to check live status and analytics of almost everything of your blog.

The tool is basically a website where you have to enter the username and you have the list of everything about that username.
you can check his daily rewards current reward as an author or curation.. you can check the real time upvotes and real time curation rewards of any username on the steemit on his every post. Every personal detal will be transparent for everyone.
Another great thing that I have found that you chech how worth is his %age upvote in steem dollar
Some more details you can check yoursel in the link given

  1. STEEMLINK: This is my favourite tool. Why? because this will help me gain some extra dollars.


This is a link shortner website designed specially for steemit. Bitly will not work on the steem links. There this tool comes. Just shorten every link you post on your steemit blog and monitor whoever have clicked that link. You can give links in bulk too. As here in the description of last two websites, I have used this link shortner website. I hardly suggest you to give this a try as on every click this give some amount of steem dollars too.. so, sign up for that too.


Thats all for today's post.. this was my first post on steemit guys.. plzz share your honest reviews and comment down which tool seems interesting to you.

Thanks, starlord092

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SUre buddy.. I am gonna do it for everyone after replying to these comments

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Then, it will ask you to post your blog posts scheduled in front the given calender and clock in the tool.
It should be calendar instead of calender.


yeah, I have done the correction now and I am glad that you got that mistake... and thankyou so much for approaching me


thank you so much dear, I am glad that you appreciated my work

Nice details of steemit


thank you so much my dear

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Thank you in advance!


thank you my dear.. I will do it for sure

@starlord92 bro steem ek bhut bada platform he jaise Facebook YouTube he waise hi steem ke bhi bahut sare platform he ... Jaise d tube d live steemit beta. . Etc.. .


Sure, dear friend. I will make a list of some uncommon platform and show you in my next blogpost

It will work for sure @starlord092


yeah. It works for me and will be definitely for you too

How did you find this Tool?


As I have written in the first line... I was just scrolling over my youtube feed.. there was a foreigner giving guidance to the new users.. I made a list and shared with you :)

Nice articals on ranking the profile on steem it
Have you tried?


Yes, of course I have tried. But the first one is currently down as the developers are working on it

that best tools but they have lot of problem people say can you tell about me


the problem is currently in first tool.. that too is that the developers are woorking on it.. so, it is currrently taken down


yeah , it will take time but in future stteem will be in next lvl i thing so :-) @starlord092

Very good tool for a beginner


thank you dear fellow


thnk you dear

Very good tools of steemit


thank you dear, I am glad that you liked them

As it was your first post u have posted necessary info about steemit


thank you I will do it in future too

Really these things are so important


yeah.. thats why i have shared these with you guys

I will start with STREETMIAN

Oh yes really

Definitely steemnow is great tool for chack upvote rewards


yeah.. i am reporting in my telegram group with this so tool @theinr2inr

looking useful tools.....keep it up bro

Useful info for New comers 😄

It would be the great helpful

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