Welcome to Week #15 of Steemit Talent Contest!


The winners of the following 12 weeks (Week#13-24) with battle it out for your votes to see who will join @yulita in the finals.

I am so pleased that Steemit Talent Contest is growing and really becoming a community here on Steemit. A huge thankyou to @luzcypher for sponsoring this contest! Without his generous sponsorship this contest would cease to be.

The whole idea behind Steemit Talent Contest is to create a community of Talented people here on Steemit and help people with exceptional talents get themselves out there and seen without having to go to extremes like entering X Factor! The extra bonus is you get to earn money from your posts just for entering thanks to this wonderful social media based blockchain that we all love called Steemit! Cant wait to receive your entries for this week. Lets see what you got! 😉


I'd like to thank everyone who entered the contest so far. It was a real pleasure watching all of your videos and getting to know you guys!


Steemit Talent Contest Rules

The cutoff date for entries is Friday the 18th of May. 
Each week the contest starts on Sunday and ends on Friday midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time)


•   Only 1 entry per person per week
•   Steemit Talent Contest Week #15 must the beginning of the post title.
•   Steemit Talent Contest Week #15 must be said at the beginning of your video
•   Live performances only specifically made for this contest. Video length 2-6 minutes 
•   steemittalentcontest must be the first tag
•   you MUST add a link to your post in the comments of this contest post so I can find your entry!)
•   You ARE ASKED TO but not required to Upvote & Re-Steem this post. THE MORE PEOPLE THAT KNOW AOBUT THE CONTEST THE MERRIER! 

Entries must follow these rules to earn prizes. This weeks prizes: 20 STEEM up for grabs! This will be broken down as follows:

1st place 10 STEEM
2nd Place 5 STEEM
3rd place 3 STEEM
4th place 2 STEEM

The winners of the contest will be announced the following Monday.

What qualifies as a talent???

Singing, Dancing, Playing a musical instrument, Acrobatics, Skating, Magician, Ventriloquist, Acting, Martial Arts, Comedy Act, Beat-Boxing, Shadow dancing and many more!

Every 12 weeks all of the winners from those 12 weeks will battle it out to see who will be the quarterly Steemit Talent Contest winner. At the end of the year the 4 semi final winners will compete to win the title of Steemit Talent Contest Season 1 Champion!

Im looking forward to receiving your entries this week! Your host @donnaincancun



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"Quiero enamorarme de ti"
del Interprete Venezolano Luis Silva

Holaaa... aquí les dejo la presentación de mi primer cover en este concurso #steemittalentcontest - "Quiero enamorarme de Ti" del cantante Venezolano e interprete de un sin fin de canciones venezolanas Luis Silva, cantante este de mucha trayectoria y muy reconocido en mi país Venezuela.
¡Espero lo disfruten!


excelente sigue asi

Hola amigos, es mi primera vez en el concurso y confundí la semana :s espero igual les guste


Que bonito cantas....felicidades y éxito en el concurso.


Hola, muchas gracias por tu comentario. Tu no te quedas atrás!!!! cantas muy bien. Saludos

Saludos @donnaincancum, congratulations, excelente concurso.


Thanks for being a part of it!! 🙏🏻

This is my entry for steemit talent contest week #15!/c/abigailsanchez23 @donnaincancun

hola @donnaincancun espero estés muy bien, acabo de publicar para la semana 14 y veo que ya cerro... :s pensé que iniciaba esta semana la 14, cambie la semana en el post pero en el video no puedo porque ya lo confundi, no se si igual me es permitido?


Sorry my Spanish sucks! I changed the dates of week #14 to accommodate for being locked out of my account. As of week #15 we are back on the original schedule:

*Contest starts Sunday (when posted) and ends midnight Friday (EST)
*Saturday the entries for the week are posted. (This will change to top picks as the contest grows)
*Monday the Winners are announced

Your entry has been received for week #15
Good luck! 👍🏼


Jajajajaja que vacilón amigo. Felicidades tienes muchísimo talento.


Muchas gracias!!! También me gusta mucho tu trabajo!!!

Feliz de poder participar en este concurso y muchas bendiciones y éxitos a todos