STEEMIT STARS - All Talent Style Competition - Prize 50 SBD , 7 DAYS - Day #2 - The Registration Is In Progress

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Steemit STARS - All talents competition is new and original global multidiscipline talents competition and unique entertainment opportunity for steemit community around the globe.
It is a talent competition that features:

sport talents
movie makers

and other talent performers of all parts of the world.

Join to our discord channel Steemit Stars

Steemit StarsTalents contestants will be competing for the top prize of 100 SBD.

Never seen before.
It is time,
It is spectacular.
You have Star Talent well join us Today and post your talents

Post can be

You can upload video at

Steemit Stars Talent has debacle today at your grasp.
Become part of Steemit Stars Talents

You need to be my follower
Place the photo, video or context in the comments space
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
It must be your original post
Awards relate only to this post
The competition lasts for 7 days ( After 7 days, voting for favorites begins, everyone can only vote once - Today is the day#2 of the competition - the registration is in progress - leave your most beautiful post in the comment)

Note For Voting and Voters : On the voting day all the voters need to Folow me, Resteem the post and Vote on post. The vote for the post and for their candidate to win.

1st place: 25 SBD
2nd place: 15 SBD
3rd place : 5 SBD
4 - 5 place : 2.5 SBD

After 7 days, I will put photos in a post for voting, the one with the most votes will win, so we allocate awards up to 5 places.

@cookiespooky My drawing entry:



@andrikyokyo I Am a Documentary Filmmaker


@ossom I am a FACE_MODEL for beauty products

@azhari.mfr It's me and my bicycle, everyday keep health, i think i'll never wining this contest, right? But no that, health promotion for good life is important.

If you notice any irregularity or fraud, please report it to

Believe in yourself @dobartim


Hey Dobartim, thanks for this great initiative!
This is a mixed media artwork of mine, can I participate by posting here in the comments?

Best wishes,

Marilyn Monroe portrait.jpg

Dude! So sweet!

Exellent art

Hello @dobartim i'm a cartoonist, i cartoon portrait images and here is my work.

I dig the Crown, nice touch!

Hallo @dobartim
Here is my drawing entry, Kaneki from anime "Ghoul"!

Can I get a translation?

it is a China song about a boy miss his girlfriend after they brokeup.sorry for my poor English.i can not translate the whole song for you .

Butterfly Stroke

Hi this will be my 2nd time joining in this competition. Aside from me being a full time dancer, I am also a competitive swimmer. And this will be my first time to show my swimming skills.


thank you

really nice art ....

I’m a footballer and logo designer but I love playing soccer more so i’ll rather drop this. But if I can drop another entry I would be glad. @dobartim

Hellow @dobartim IMG_20180127_114649.jpgMy drawing entry

nice post mr. @dobartim ............greetings of friendship

drawing attempt

Great work keep it up

Upvoted nice post keep it up

I commend your efforts towards making Steemit a more exciting place. This is a wonderful initiative.

I'm a talented singer but do not have any video yet.

I hope to participate in subsequent editions.
Meanwhile, I will be joining the discord group.

Thanks for putting this together! Here's my oil painting:


This is my entry. Hope you enjoy me singing

My entry, enjoy my music..