Prize 100 SBD - STEEMIT STARS - All Talent Style Competition - Voting Day 24 Hours

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Voting rules :
Any person who is my follower can vote
Resteem this post ( The vote is only valid with Resteem )
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Voting time is 24 hours
In case of irregularities, I have the right to exclude a user from the competition
Judges of this competition are @flysky and @aidasfg7

1st place: 50 SBD
2nd place: 30 SBD
3rd place : 10 SBD
4 - 5 place :5 SBD

Good luck

@anikearn #1

@jdwolicki #2

@order4adwriter #3

@tutufaith #4

@readarthurss #5

@jesuschristo #6

@luanne #7

@szaib #8

@princeanthonys #9

@edikanefanga #27
My mother's womb is now my grave
The doctor's pill was the gun
Mama pulled the trigger when she swallowed the pill
It pierced through my heart, it made me scream
I turned to my maker in pains
you tricked me, i cried out
She was not haven you promised
You promised peace in her embrace but here i am in pieces
How eager i was to meet her
To tell her how safe i felt within her
But i was named a mistake without a naming ceremony
I had slept dreaming of her face
Eager to taste her milk and embrace
When i kicked i thought it would be our new play,a mother and child game
I never meant to cause her pain
Never wanted her to take those pills
To meet that man, i hear they call him doctor
Together they chased and flushed me
Where could i turn to, you were my home
Who could i cry to, you were my hope
I felt at home in your womb
But yesterday you placed a bomb
And today your womb becomes my tomb.

@tony-duke #64
No title poem

Why do my voice not echo
Why do my works end in the desert
Left alone as they die slow
Why dont my words give birth

Why should i go on writing
When i have been cursed by fate
Why do you teach me to have faith
But why am i still writing

If only you would look far north
You would see me freezing up
I am in desperate need of your warmth
Aid me to journey this rugged path

Even in the coldest and deepest of nights
The cock promises us of daylight
I'll move on, success is in sight
I will be optimistic through this times

Here is my entry for the talent contest

@rizkiandrian #28

@faisalakbar #29

@graceleon #30

@arcjen02 #44

@saifmmc #45

@franks #46

@jasonmunapasee #47

@dickiebash #48

@geologina #49

@matytan #50

@saifmmc #51

@jhelbich #52

@frankremmy #53
Thanks @dobartim for this contest. Here's my entry.
It's a song I composed on my own.

That's Chuku Chuku loving,, by FrankRemmy..


Verse 1

Set your eyes on whence we came
Can you still see the love we made
All that sweetness end in pain
Have we made the worst mistake

I'm off to sleep don't wanna wake
Let me dream of better days
Will I miss this love,
This Chuku Chuku loving?

Every thought I think
Every breath I take
Every time I stake
Every moment I make
So my baby you'll stay
But you walk away
With your chuku Chuku loving, Chuku Chuku loving..

Forever is true
But its not to you
Baby I love you
Is just cock and Bull(shit)
Something you say
Just to set me ablaze
With your chuku Chuku loving,,,

Oh oh


Give me that Chuku Chuku loving,
With your heart full of Chuku Chuku love me,
Love me
Love me
With your heart full of Chuku Chuku love me..

Verse 2

There's something here that's hard to explain,. Something hard beneath this pain,
Something poised between this space,
Something love can't break away..

Been so long that I've been waiting
In the dark and in the rain,
Savouring hurt you give
With your Chuku Chuku loving..

Every step I take
Every brand new page
Every time on stage
Every memory babe
Every birthday cake
You just set aflame
With your Chuku Chuku loving..

What me gon' do?
I don't know, just keep on
Living deformed,
with a heart that only pumps
Black black blood,
Starved of love
Just Chuku Chuku loving..



Maybe one day I will get to know
How it is you love with a heart of stone
How it is you're beating with a heart that cold
Your Chuku Chuku loving..

Maybe one day I will find the strength
To tell you away with fists I've clenched
To end all the pain
My blood back in place
The thorns that impaled me
I'll pull off and scream Oh..

With your crown of thorns around my heart
While I bleed and hug you closer now,
I get the message here,
There's evil in this one

But I've gone too far,
Don't even know the way back,
Don't even know how fast
It might take to recover,
What if it's forever???




FrankRemmy ...

@prechi #54
People will see a man washing his clothes and instead of minding their business, they'll say "Ahh Oga Victor, go and marry so you'll stop washing".

They'll see a man cooking and be like "Bro John, you need to get married so you can stop cooking".

A mother will look at his 35years old son who cannot wash his own boxers, boil water for tea or even make his own bed, a 35years old that cannot take his plates to the kitchen after eating and tell him "James, you need to settle down, get a woman to take care of you". SERIOUSLY??

In different ways, the society subconsciously tell men that they don't marry women for any reason other than cleaning, cooking and childbearing. I begin to wonder, does the average man need a wife or a glorified maid?

Many women look 3times their age all because of stress and exhaustion. You sit down in front of the TV with your phone and watch your wife work until she's about to pass out. REALLY??

Men, who told you that it is wrong to wash your own plates?

Who told you that it is wrong to wash your own clothes?

Who told you that it is wrong to dress your bed when you wake up?

What will it take to help your partner with chores in the house?

If a man wanted to be adopted as a child to be pet, pampered, fed and nursed. Then, he need not to seek marriage, he should rather offer himself up for an adoption at a motherless home to be pick up.

BUT If you want a wife, who you would love, cherish, do different things with, assist in some chores, and love her for the rest of your life, then get married.

AND if you are getting married because you feel you're becoming too old to do your own chores then get a maid.

Women are to be cherished, pampered and loved, not USED.

@masterpiz #55

Today i am tired of trying
I will no longer do this hiding
My tears will now flow freely
Trickling down my face Sourly

I smile in shrouded agony
I laugh loudly in twisted cackle
For within is deep folly
Of hiding away my pain knacles

For me there is no remedy
For I am deeply immersed
I've forgotten how to stay steady.
I've lost the hope in my dress

@voronenka #56

@jysui #57

@jasonmunapasee #58

@akashhassan #59

@josediccus #60

@sinlg #61

@arshi #62

@warpedpoetic #63

cold stars stare at the sky,
Washing the moon with tiny lights,
Twinkling at passing cars and kissing teens
Hiding under an old, forgotten tree
Standing guard at the cemetery.

Gravestones whisper names
Of heroes that refused to die
Their death in your head, in your heart,
Searching for what is left of memory;
A medal, a medallion, an accordion
Hanging from rusty dog tags and faded fatigues.

Fingers brushing pearls of pain
To feed the concrete soil to grow
A little boy with broken heart
And distant mother's love seeking
The window sill for a memory
That was lost when guns poked holes
Between ribs and patriotic zeal.

Rains come between the stars and the stones,
Between the lips of lover's kisses,
Between memory and the misty present
And you turn to the weathered woman
You have become and you ask her;
is this all that is left?

This creaking house mourning silence,
This damp bed whimpering tears,
This empty picture telling a lie,
This broken boy pressing khaki pants,
Seeking to find a man
Among bullet torn soil and bleeding bodies?
is this all that is left?

Yet you will watch the bus
Drink the dregs of you off the cup
You once happily called life,
You will patter all over old photos
With your worn hands, your weary heart,
And your empty eyes.
The cold star will stare at the sky,
The gravestones will welcome another,
Youths will kiss under any tree
And gun salutes will fill birds with flight.

Then when you fade away
Like the last frost of the fleeing winter,
The gravestones will turn away,
Guns will salute the gleaming shine of oil
And paper flowers will be your medal.


© @warpedpoetic

Believe in yourself because you are a Steemit Star @dobartim


This is a great competition..I am new member of this competition...All the best..

Vote and resteemit..✌✌✌✌😊😊😊😊


cryptomoimoi #10

I vote #15..

I resteemed this post and upvoted this post.
I vote #33

vote for #38

There is no voting number for @tony-duke?

Voting rules :
Any person who is my follower can vote
Resteem this post ( The vote is only valid with Resteem )
Upvote This post
Voting time is 24 hours
In case of irregularities, I have the right to exclude a user from the competition

I vote @tony-duke even if he doesn't have a number

Voting rules :
Any person who is my follower can vote
Resteem this post ( The vote is only valid with Resteem )
Upvote This post
Voting time is 24 hours
In case of irregularities, I have the right to exclude a user from the competition

I vote @samlexxy17

I Vote @tony-duke

@dobartim pls i was listed but i was not given a number,, so how will people vote for me?

I put your number, but we have bigger problem
Voting rules :
Any person who is my follower can vote
Resteem this post ( The vote is only valid with Resteem )
Upvote This post
Voting time is 24 hours
In case of irregularities, I have the right to exclude a user from the competition

Wat of those that have already voted using my name,,,

I vote @tonyduke

I vote @tony-duke

I vote @tony-duke

I vote @tony-duke even though he doesn't have a number

I vote @tonyduke though he doesn't have a number

'I vote for tony-duke'

I vote @tony-duke

I vote @tony-duke

I vote Tony duke

Spam vote - see rules

I vote #64

Irregular vote

I chose #28 @rizkiandrian, many impressions contained in his unique paintings, very talented...
voting & resteemit..😊😊😊😊😊✌️✌️✌️✌️

Nice article and beautiful pictures, I always enjoy reading your posts, thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

very good profile and post!

I vote #32. This picture is natural not edited...

I vote #32

I vote for #32

Thanks @dobartim for hosting this awesome contest!
But, it seems you post the Jpeg/Png.file for my entry, I post a video in your last call post for all star talent . But anyway I know it's hard for you to list all of those entries into this post, I really appreciate that.
This is the video link to my original post for all of you guys who might be want to consider watch and vote for me :

Good luck for all participants ;)

You'll be the first on my next list, I'm sorry I did not set you up.

beautiful artwork..creative work of course,thanks @dobartim

Really greet competition sir @dobartim

I vote #27. Wishing him all the best.

Irregural vote

For this competition, I vote #32. Thanks @dobartim for this competition.

I vote for #38

do I have to upload my talent here in the comments?

Next competition

Hope i win this contest

I vote #18 because of the creativity in it

I vote @tony-duke even though he doesn't have a number

Irregural vote

I vote @Tony-duke... I wonder why he has no number... you put him between 27 and 28, sir.

Irregural vote

I vote #64

I vote for #64

I vote Tony duke

I vote @tony-duke. #64

I vote #15

Irregural vote

I'll vote for myself #43. :)

I vote for @levinvillas #43. :)

I vote tony-duke

Irregural vote

I vot for @tony-duke,,,
you did not give hime a number but listed him

I vote for #43 ... very talented

secund vote is Irregural vote

Wow! Very good idea! Im sure everyone will love it. Good luck to all the participants!

That is what I call good competition

I voTe #64

voting for #43!

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