25th Feb. 2018 football matches predictions

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Matches are coming thick and fast, don't let the opportunity pass you by, careful consider this few tips, stake and smile.

England Premier league
Crystal Palace vs Tottenham (under 3.5)
Man. United vs Chelsea (1X)

England Championship
Cardiff vs Bristol (1 or over 2.5)

Italy Seria A
Sussuolo vs Lazio (2 or over 2.5)
Roma vs A.C Milan (X2)

Spain Laliga
Valencia vs Real Sociedad (1)
Sevilla vs Athletic Madrid (under 3.5)

Germany Bundesliga
Leipzig vs Cologne (1X)

France Ligue 1
Lyon vs Saint- Etinne (under 3.5)

NB: Please place your bet safely with your spare 💰 Money. Thanks


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  ·  last year (edited)

See this guy! You wanna use one stone to kill two bird😀😅😅😅
Goodluck to you sha

But note that Chelsea will win Manchester United
Let me stop so that it wont look like l'm wishing bad luck.


Hahahaha, quite funny if you don't wanna lose your 💰 Money, don't try it o(Don't stake Chelsea to win Man utd.), I have said my own.