100 Day Poetry Challenge Day 98 "Reppin RVA"

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photo by @clove71

I accepted this challenge from @d-pend to improve my writing skills in general. The original post is here

Flexin on the haters
Using every muscle
They'd rather waste energy hating
Than step up their hustle

Don't even pass me that
I don't want none of it
These cats mad
But I had enough of it

I'm 42 years old
I'm not gonna bitch
I'm gonna keep grinding
And even if I get millions today
When I die, I would've been broke
Longer than I've been rich

So where I come from
I'll never forget
Even If I was running around Beverly Hills
I'd still rep The Seven Hills
Yellin RVA in this b@!ch

File Jul 01, 3 52 56 PM.jpg
photo by @clove71

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Actually, this is on regards of the assignments by @d-pend. Man, I don't know what to say, it's obvious that you are a master poet and I'm wary of giving a wrong comment. It's just wow!!