Steemit Poetry Day 6 -- Just A Morning

Just A Morning


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The mist is slowly tip-toeing out with a new smile on her face,
The back of the sun is turning gold and red,
Liberates the shadows underneath and from within,
A golden-lining... glaring once again,

Business occupied the city who embraced siren last night,
Then, a cup of black-coffee brighten-up the street,
A bowl of porridge for every working-class' day in life,
While others sitting on their thrones with a dipper and good old-soap,

Everyone is heading of something they up to,
While somebody is contemplating about their time,
Everything is like a race, maybe a rat one or maybe not,
Purpose is everyone been chasing,

Caution is something because might get burned,
But worry not young stud,
A new divine morning is for all,

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