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If you want to be successful then it is important to follow the steps of successful people. We are here to help you and to teach you how to make use of, how to make new friendships. Just one step away from the great future, be part of Steemit School on our discord channel and we will help you climb to the top.New users are looking for ways to get rich overnight, this is a time of quick wages and a new world in which digital rules are governed. New skills and knowledge raise the level of gambling style, we are the pioneers of the new world in which digital currencies take over domination in the world market. Steemit is a project with incredible potential, has merged two revolutionary ideas into one functional entity that brings new quality and dimension of success. People have two different gigs on Steemit, one is a social network that brings people together into one wonderful community, the other part of the story is based on digital currencies, investments and business logic. If you promote Steemit as a business to your friends then you have potential problems, the first thing your friends will ask is how much money did you earn from Steemit? The first rule is that you need to become an example because people generally believe in the results and not the stories. If you tell your friends that Steemit is a social network with wonderful opportunities where they can learn many great things from all areas of life, then this is a different approach and in my opinion faster for those who do not have business knowledge. That's why real knowledge is necessary if we want to move faster if we want each new user to make $ 500 in the first 30 days. It is important for us to share our experiences and real knowledge about how to take the first steps and how to achieve success in the fastest way.

  • Go to the trending posts and choose your favorites.

Choose successful bloggers whose style and posts you like. It is important that we follow strong bloggers because they have good voting power and can reward us. If we want to establish good communication, we need to choose bloggers with similar or same interests as we do. Try to find out why a blogger is writing such a type of post, it is very important that we discover the ultimate goal that he wants to achieve. Read a few shots from the same blogger, see which lifestyle he likes (adventure, yoga, sports, music, poetry, etc.) because the goal is to connect with a person rather than a text. Good preparation is 90% of the job done, think carefully whether this person is answering you personally, because I'm sure you want to connect and make the right friendship.

  • Become a creative commentator.

Comments are the way to success, they are our dance floor. Comments are very important because they connect us with a blogger, so it is important that our comments establish a real relationship and cause attention. It is also very important to be persistent, the comments are the same as advertising in our Steemit world. Make sure you are among the first to write a comment, but this does not mean that you should be unfair, first read the entire post. If someone leaves a comment in the first minute after this post, I know that this person did not read my post, of course I do not want to reward people who are not honest with me. The second part of the story is to make a comment that has a correlation with the text, which ends with some nice question or a unique conclusion. The point is that you notice your comment and give you an answer, remember that your answer should be the last - this is a professional part of the story that talks about your persistence. If bloggers do not want to upgrade after ten days of persistent comments on each post, then remove it from the list and place another person in its place. Do not be angry if you do not reward, everyone has the right to decide who to reward, we are all different. Remember that the two most important words in each type of communication are please and thank you.

  • Make a great post, the title is as important as the text.

Success comes when we work with many emotions, when we enter the whole heart with enthusiasm. Power comes from the strength of our mission, so it is important that we do what we love, we create our brand of ourselves. Write posts about what you love most, be creative and give your maximum, make mistakes and learn on them. Comments should attract attention with strong bloggers, at some point some of them will want to see who is the person who makes such nice comments, that is the moment where our post should shine like a star. Define your tactics, time, and people with whom you want to become friends. You are speaking to your audience, so it's important that you build a relationship with everyone who wants to communicate with you. Initially, I did not have many comments, this is normal, so it's important to keep up persistent, this is a long-distance business.

  • Be part of the Steemit School that helps you 24 hours a day to achieve maximum success in the shortest time.

Every beginning is difficult if you do not have the right knowledge and the heroic heart. Our mission is to bring new users to Steemit and to train people how to earn their first bread and food. This job requires maximum focus, organization of time and everyday training. Many times I look at comments that are very unsuitable for my posts, we call such people spammers, but basically those are people who want to make money. Many new users do not speak English (I didn't no know how to speak English), they do not have a mentor who can tell them how to make a good post and an excellent comment. If we do not help new users to become successful then we have a huge problem that we see in our voting power that falls every day. There are two goals that we want to achieve with Steemit School 1. To bring as many new users as possible 2. To help new users become successful and to earn from $ 300 to $ 500 in the first month. In order for users to become successful, they need to change their way of thinking, they should learn universal rules and apply them in practice.

Steemit School 5.jpg

The school should contain the main pillars of life success in its program :

What is life success ?
How to achieve financial success ?
What is blockchain technology and its applications in the future ?
Proper work on Steemit, creative vision and strategies for making successful posts, etc.
Investment principles and business logic ?
Types of business and the development of new trends in the world ?
Psychology of success ?
Creating new habits of success ?
The way of thinking and the power of the mind ?
Development of multidimensional intelligence ?

These are just some of the topics that will go through our training. Each of our schools will have licensed trainers and the same way of working. We create a team that has a vision to maximally support the development of new users and their abilities. Everyone who has ideas, desire and vision to become our partners, trainers, developers, designers and investors are welcome. Our goal is to launch a big influx of new users (100,000,000), and with that we raise the value of Steemit and Steem. We need people who never give up, who have a great and brave heart, because this is the way for the winners, we need to pass through a large number of obstacles that await us. We create a better future, help the poor to earn money for education, for a normal life, and in this way we help the rich to become even richer, in this way we raise the value of Steemit and Steem to a higher level of understanding and organization.

Be part of the biggest movement on Steemit, we are here with our expert team and great experience 24 hours for you.

We Win Together - Steemit School


See You on the top - Be part of our Steemit School on Discord Channel :
Believe in Yourself @dobartim


This is really amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Perfect gift for any beginner

Or you can buy $100 worth of steem than wait for the value to rise :)

We have a lot of different strategy, see you on Steemit School discord channel

Great advices..
I'm interest and want to join with your team..

I liked how you made the point about how readers will comment one minute after your post and that's how you know "they aren't being honest with you." I think generally below want instant gratification and want to cut corners in this world, but those are things that never lead to success as you discuss so much. I agree commenting is a "dance floor", very true and funny analogy. I'm excited to be a part of your Steemit School, and I wish everyone who joins this platform makes creative posts, understands blockchain well, and interacts with "people and not text" as you see. Great article. Keep it up. Cheers.

Well said sir. When i was in secondary school our principal use to tell us that reading gives knowledge so we should never stop reading . am very happy you were talking about reading before commenting. To be honest i always take my time and read every single word you put out there and it gives new hing everyday. Thanks for helping people like us. you are always there to show us the way.

I knew some members who referred some members. However, their referrals eventually stopped posting. Why? Because their posts are not earning that much. It was due to flowery words by members telling their referrals that they can learn a lot. The same approach happens to those who are campaigning in person. They tell people that they will earn a lot when they should be stating that Steemit has a potential, and they can use it like how they spend their time on Facebook. As they keep on Steeming, they will find success eventually, and earn the money they initially aimed to earned.

With regards to the steps, those are great ones that newbies should know, and what long time Steemians should tell their referrals to attain success here.

Be part of our Steemit School, we win together

Indeed even though I work a lot of crazy hours sometimes I find time to listen in on the classes, learn to improve my activity on steemit and I'm actually making progress! Here's a few of my latest comments, bear with me I'm not a writerScreenshot_20180306-083006.png

Yes it does also take a person not consumed with work or has the motivation or rather determination to invest their time. In this world more so than ever time is money

If we want to be successful, then we should follow the steps of successful people....very true.

But sadly, many people don't like to be offence though.

But, I've come to realize that there is no short cut to success, and many people want quick success, hence the rush to post shitty and spammy comments like you mentioned in the post.

Success is not a one day thing, it is gradual and it is a step by step process. Just like school, you must pass through the first stage to get to the next.

Thanks a lot for these tips Sir....
Hopefully, people will learn and change their attitude.

You are welcome , thank you for excellent comment

You are welcome Sir....

Bigger thanks to you for dishing out valuable and excellent content regularly.

I agree. The challenge here is to sift through those shitty post as you call it and find the "quality" post. Sometimes I want to comment but there's nothing else to say and my comment sounds spammy lol! I can't upvote because my voting power is low so I try to make a good comment as much as possible.

Yeah, very important that you make very good and sincere comments too....

Wow! This is a wow post. I was breath-less reading this, digesting every word and meditating on them. This is expository and though I have been here awhile, I know that there are still stuffs Ì need to know to be hugely successful here. Thank you so much sir, your post has inspired me .

Welcome to our online class on discord channel , starts for 2 hours .

Is it daily? And at what time?

Well said @dobartim.
Steemit is not a get rich quick platform. It is a platform where building quality relationships matter and the only way to do that is by genuine interaction with other users.
I have been using what you taught on the steemit school about quality commenting and I have started getting positive results already.
I am a proud member of the steemit school and I will encourage everyone to join because...TOGETHER WE WIN

This an inspiration! I am going to try and comment 50 times a day!

We win together

I just comment on whenever I can. It's like fire and aim and see if we hit home or not :)

Keep going with excellent comments

Se you on to top, thank you for your support in Steemit School project.

What I think about this is,

  1. the successful people are too busy to chat with the poor
  2. The believe we have nothing to offer other make noise all around
  3. The think the ain't going benefit from the help the render to us.

Finally I came into conclusions that I will only believe in myself and pray to God to help me succeed.

Hey man think positive! What kind of help are you in need of? Maybe the discord community can better help?

This is totaly correct and inccorect, One man can not support 1000 people, but we have a lo of quality and successful teacher in our school, we support everyone and 24 hours daily

I joined your discord channel and mostly when I come online nobody to reply my chat

This is impossible, we have a lot of administrators, I am here, welcome

Believe in yourself, we support everyone and we see results from everyone in our Steemit School - We Win together

I just read the article.
I've been on Steem for a month and I have not earned anything.
I like the idea of some earnings, but I'm not here just for that.
I like the Steemit because I can express and remain anonymous, unlike FB.
I joined Steemit schoolI, so I hope I can earn some money and help expanding the networknetwork

how do you stay Anonymous on the blockchain?

Maybe I was wrong when I mentioned anonymous.
I'll try to explain what I mean.
If you open someone's facebook page, you see all the information, comments, friends, enemies, posts, .....
If you open a steemit site, you see the blog that I put on the "wall" and if you go deeper dig, you will see the status of my account or something like that.
All data are not available at the first sight.
Maybe I'm wrong, because personally I do not have a FB, and I do not know all of its privacy options. And maybe because of some unpleasant experiences my closest friends have had I just have prejudices. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

Welcome, we win together

why not translating into chinese ?

Is it being translated into any other languages?

Ecellent idea, be part of our school, we make one school and one brand for all users. We make biggest movement on Steemit and we waiting for you

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I totally agree with you sir:

"If you want to be successful then it is important to follow the steps of successful people."

That is why it is important to pick your close associate closely; both ON STEEMIT, AND IN LIFE.

I love this post boss; it was motivational.

Steem on.....

See you on Steemit School

this post wanna give me goose pimples as its all the answers i need to be successful here on steemit.. i will like to say a big THANK YOU to the author for inspiring me more @dorbatim.. i am new here and im a lover of animals, environment and places..

Ive never heard of goose pimples😜 i love it though!

Welcome to our Steemit School

Great advice. I am always reading about how to become and remain successful here. The key is to do what works elsewhere in life, find your passion and put the work in. I am still new but I have seen the great potential here and am beginning to hit my groove a bit. I think it will take me through this year but after that I will be at the top with amazing people like you. Again, your wisdom is appreciated. Thanks you very much. I will also try and join you at Steemit school. :)

We are waiting for you.

I am proud to be a part of this class. This has been the best decision i have made all my life, i can see the changes in my post, i have seen the changes in my commenting, this vision is not a joke or fumble, i am a living witness to immense growth in my life, through attending classes on steemitschool. I have found a way to help myself and others around me, i am winning, and it is contagious, people around me in the steemitschool are winning too, my thinking is changing, im getting better everyday, and im still getting better. Thank you so much for touching my life, it has been great being in steemitschool. God bless you

that's pretty impressive I never imagine steemit school was changing people's lives this dramatically!

This is true, we bring true value in peoples life

See you on the top, we win together my friend

This is very important. I will make improvement. I will always make out more time to be regular in steemit school at the discord group. Thanks for sharing. Nice post

Make better comment, we win together


Make better comments, see you on the top

@dobartim this blog is really helpful for all newbies as well as the members of steemit like me i am a member of steemit since 2017 but still cant acheive some good profit in any way by money or knowledge i wish i can also put quality blogs like others for this purpose i am going to follow the steemit school from now not only for earning the good income but i wish to be a good content writer and famous and capable member of steemit...Thnx

This is honest way of thinking, be honest and put your heart 100% into your work.

I celebrate your effort. Indeed steemitschool is a place to be. Each time i join the live school in the channel iam always challenge to do better. @dorbatim you are a leader indeed who has the people at heart. You can only go higher. Its a collective effort. Together we win

Now thats a great comment!

Excellent comment, see you on the top

It like I will be doing a lot of commenting this days than posting always.

Step by step, see you on the top

A very useful explanation. Hopefully we can achieve success together in steemit 👍👍👍
Full Support @steemitschool

Thank you very much, make a better comments

Great and informative post and what I felt the most is your that even a Word?😳anyway I´m going to be a hangaround of you for a while😉 I surely could need som advices. I have not thought about things like that before.. maybe because I dont write about the big questions my self, So far its been more of a diarywritingstuff, but someday when I got a more hang on the language I will be better I hope, but until then I Will keep learning and listening to people like you, so Thank you so much and have a nice day 🌺❤️☮️

Have a nice day, be part of our Steemit School

Thanks I Will do my best...haven´t really got that thing With discord yet🤔but I Will soon when I found out😊❤️☮️

Hello @dobatim. Thanks for the tips on your post. It has really inspired me. If you can eventually meet up the dream of helping thousands of persons that means you have empowered thousands of persons. And that would be great! Thanks for sharing your valued ideas. I personally appreciate it. Cheers!

Amazing. Steemit School is not just a movement, it’s a vision and an opportunity to grow out of nothing to something. It takes a good heart to embodied a vision such as this and not just a personal vision but a vision for the whole Steemians Who are ready to be impacted with life’s success tips.

Talking about honesty, honesty is the foundation of success. And that’s what the vision isn’t based on.

To be part of the winning team, working together and winning together. Join us

I as a Steemit School student have learnt a lot and I’m still learning and of course I’m just getting started

Join now and be grateful

Following the steps of successful persons Helps your success story ...true !!

for me I think success is making the world better than you met it , not really by the money in your account ...

It is important you know who those successful people are ??
Who you term a success or a successful person 😔

Be art of our biggest movement on Steemit.

I’m there already....I was opportuned to ask you some questions some days back 😊
Thank you for creating time to help steemians especially lost new bies like myself 🤦🏽‍♀️

We can take note of a successful man.
But I don't think they are just imitating.
Each person has different tendencies.
Different tendencies are the same as different ways in which you can succeed.
Of course, learning good habits of a successful person is an important process.

Knowledge is everything, be part of our Steemit School

excellent -- good to link up with you here - i follow and upvoted -- rock on

Be part of our Steemit School, we win togehter

Steemitschool seems promising, just joined the discord. Can't follow the class now because I'm @work. Are there more classes coming?

Every day we have a lot of classis

I read your post with great attention. Very well written, especially a very useful post for newcomers like us. Actually, if I realized that in a short time, Steemit work will be successful. If you receive such a post, newer ones can move forward. If you get your inspiration one day we will be successful.

See you on discord channel on live class for 2 hours

I have been on steemit for a whkle before i had to take a sort of break cos of school and coming back its like starting from the scratch all over again but i really dont mind...because honestly your post reminds me that i am on the right track...

Steemit school is a nice idea..i joined because of the 100 days poetry challenge and i cant wait to learn so much more from it

We work together, thank you for your passion for poetry, our teacher for poetry @d-pend
lead our students to the top.

Writing good quality posts is important but one wouldn't get anywhere without interacting with other Steemians and that is what I like about Steemit.

It encourages cooperation with others. You can easily find people here with same goals and then you can work on them together :)

This is right direction

Thank you @dobartim, it is very encouragement message specially on the new user like me. Sometimes its hard to realized how to keep on knowing that Im on my studies right now but when I knew that there are people that is willing to help, like you. It is great honor to become one of your follower keep on helping others thank you and godbless.

We waiting for you

Thank you very much @dobartim i will follow your steps so that i could also share it to others i really appreciate your support.

Thanks @dobartim for this wonderful content,In your article this my favorite..

Become a creative commentator.
Comments are the way to success, they are our dance floor.

Of a truth comments on blogs makes steemit fun, and we minnows should take it very serious, someone told me that in steemit their is something that rewards more than an article I did my personal research and I found out that proper and creative comments make one grow big really happy visiting this blogs because I learn alot, and about yesterday @the steemit school it really nice.. I look forward to learn more from you, thanks for sharing

Bring other users to our Steemit School, We win together

I joined your discord channel few days ago. I must confess that knowledge shared on that platform is of great help to new steemit users including me. You are doing well with the channel. The voice call on live broadcast is what I enjoy most. I will like to be live on air to explain one of my post I will like to promote. So how will I do that in steemit school discord channel @dobartim? I will be glad to hear from you, thanks

Today we set up online promotions, we woor on that, put post on channale for promotion

Great work from [email protected] I wish everybody is like you steemit we be more enriched with great qualities.

See you on the top

The journey of a 1000 miles starts under one's foot. - Lau Tzu

very good recommendations since steemit gives us all opportunity to grow in this platform, in particular I am willing to learn more to achieve a good reputation.

See you on Steemit School

This is a solution for me as a newbie here.
The suggestions in the article already helped to understand better this platform.
I'll follow The School.
My humble support right now is my vote.
Very many thanks for your help.

Welcome, See on online class

@dobartim I completely agree when you say "If you want to be successful then it is important to follow the steps of successful people."

The second point you make "Believe in yourself" I find that is a very powerful concept as you can achieve almost anything if you truly believe. I have always hesitated in putting out my blog because I always thought there were others out there doing it better than me. However now I realized that each blogger is individual and has their own style, just because there is someone else out there doing something similar to you doesn't mean you won't achieve the same success in that area - just find a way to believe you can add value.

Thank you for your valuable advice and a great read! :)

Welcome to Steemit

Wow.. This was really a great lesson from you now, as as well as a benevolent and helpful idea of you @dobartim. I've quickly joined the channel and I look forward to learning more about steemit and getting serious with it. Thank you.

We waiting for you

Very well written and informative, great tips. Creative comments are really overlooked by many people these days who only concentrate on posting while they could be making a lot more just by connecting and engaging with others.

My first 50$ on steemit was from commenting btw :)

So, commenting is that cool?
Please, throw more light on that. Please!?

Just leave creative, positive comments about a blog. But be sure to actually read it and say something productive that adds value to the conversation/topic of discussion in the post.

Would you be plain enough to give credit to those few people on whose post you made a lot when you started as a newbie, or even now?

Mention a few of them, please!
Let's a knowledge their roles in your success

It does take energy and time and upvotes help with motivation!

Can you mention some names of people you make good comments on their posts, and get the highest rewards?

This is real example, see you on the top

Yep, slowly climbing but will get there :)

Waoh that is great

Make better comments

Wow!! Its amazing! I dont know what words i will express ! This is such a great post! Wow!! Learning while earning! Its the most helpful tools that i will apply on every post! Thank you @dobartim your such a blessings to us! Thank you steemitschool!

You are always welcome, see you on the top.

Wow! Thank you sir! Let your tongue be an angel and i claim it !! In Jesus Name!

You have lots of determination and focus with steemit school im jealous keep up the amazing work!

Thank you, this is a very excellent post, I learned a lot of new things, and now I'll try to learn more steemit, you are a good man helping everyone openly, not for money that spoil people so much.

Thank you very much

Your discord channel is a great initiative to help newcomers on steemit to grow and build a healthy relationship with great different people n learn new things.*Together we grow and win:) *


I was just saying how much we all have to learn from one another and the ancient chinese kanji would be a great place to start ... they were so smart and so GOOD ... they recognized how GOOD WOMAN is close to G_D very much ...



John @Smart3DWeb
'Make a way'

Thank you sir @dobartim,to your great idea or sharing us about this platform...especially for the new steemian like me..
Thank you..
God bless..

Thank you very much for this kind words, see you in Steemit School

@dobartim those are some of the success mantra in steemit never been shared before.
Steemit school are like joining the bricks to make a strong building..through knowledge , which i belive more important for longitivity. Succsess never comes over nite it needed to be nurtured properly....i am glad i found steemit school in early days...hopefully i can contribute more in everyone succes...👍 together we win👌


Steemit is amazing this way! Lots of opportunites to give!

Its all about sharing.... @dynamicgreentk wud luv to take input from had some didn't get much time...for sure will catch u👍

Hare Krishna


Excellent article and I completely agree on some of these points, not all :-)

I have found commenting on other blogs a really great way to attract new followers.

From all the points above which would you say is the number 1 most important to follow?


I tried everything on steemit but failed. I think a person who invests on steemit is most likely to be successful


@dorbatim you are right. The first time I would introduce steemit to a friend I took the wrong approach, make money approach, the first question he asked was "how much have you make" I could not reply him in details because I was making less. Since I have to take on the second approach " a platform where you meet people of great minds and where you learn new things day by day. It is better to build name and protect your integrity rather than running after money. Thanks for educating us.

You are welcome, be part of our Steemit School

Yes! I will be part of it. I would join the discord channel

Good initiative thank you

I have only attended the steemit school for just three times. A phrase that i hear you say most times is: believe in yourselg. I saw it here too. If i believe in my self, i will go places. Also, thanks for this post i see a great importance I can derieve from commenting. I hope to comment more on posts than ever before

Good article especially to newbies like me. this is my second comment for this week and since I start joining this community. Look like i need to step-up my game and change my strategies. Which is read more article in steemit and throw away the mainstream media(they din't pay).

All people in this community!!! Please guide and help me make money here.

this is a great post for me i am pretty new to steemit and wanting to learn how to become successful thru blogging and commenting .i would love to make a difference on this site and for people to value my posts and comments i will go to steemit school and learn as this will be best for me and everyone else thank you very much for your advice Deni Guerrera

Great post Sir..!!!.It was due to flowery words by members telling their referrals that they can learn a lot.Very well written, especially a very useful post for newcomers like us. Thank you Sir for your great post.keep it up.


wow intresting article i feel like writing my first blog after reading this ,thank you

Nice man, but I thought I would learn more by reading this post

Will give this a try! Thanks for giving us knowledge and wisdom to help us grow on this site.

The key of success is one. Just read the tutorial and practice. I have no basic of computer but i lear programmer alone by read and try. Finally I be a programmer and know the java and phyton

Found this post very helpful and handy, and I strongly believe that other new Steemians like me would also find it handy. you have beautifully summed up the tricks of this digital trade. It would not be an exeggeration to call this post as the "Bible of steemit". I am going to steem this post.@emmgeeahmad

This is so informative. am a few months old in steemit but i think this post is one of the best i have read..

don't just read it be it! join the Discord group!

Thank you for this post. I am beginning my first steps into being active in the community after reading and exploring. I think articles like this are important because we are all learning together. Exciting!

Very Nice post for struggling beginners like me.. I am constantly trying to be a good creator in steemit but not getting any visitor and update.. Can I get some help here Sir?

Thank you for the valuable lesson :))
I will follow what you mentioned.

Thanks for this article, very helpful and inspiring. Knowledge and preparation are our most powerful resources. Just joined your Discord channel, let's show everyone how big and united is this community! Keep it up @dobartim :)

Thank you very much for this post. Nothing is a coincidence, I’m just in a stage where I want to learn more and get better in my steemit skills to earn more money but also to show my friends how can they get better and also make money. Thanks to steemit I have been able to pay stuff when I had money, so I think it’s fare everybody to learn about this opportunity and become economically independent.
I’ll follow you! (If I don’t follow you already haha) and I will definitely put your tips into practice 💪🏼 🙌🏼✨