My Breakfast With @Flysky - A Call for Originality

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Early this morning at the #Steemit-School I raised a conversation with @flysky that evolved into a big conference and art exhibition class with over 50 attendees. It all started with just a question;

ME: You create amazing graphics @flysky, how do you do that?

@flysky: Do you like them?

ME: Yeah, sure I do! They're always unique and conveying the intended messages each time in use.


Image credit: Veronica Adama

He later shared the reasons for always creating his own images and graphics - the need to be original. @flysky says he hates to spam his blog articles with images source and or being accused for stealing someone's image. @flysky takes photos with his phone -they photos may be of a pubby, a tree or a man at the corner of his room - anything. He'll then use any of the photo editor Apps downloadable from Play Store to bend the photos, add transparency and whatever twist his imagination could carry to get something unique and special.



@flysky's reason for chosing to be original reminds me of my aunt, Stella. She was a promising young journalist. She was energetic and hardworking. At the university where she went to school, she was known as a productive and a talented writer. That reputation won her a five-week internship at one of the top newspaper in our country. There she was said to have done very well, having written fifteen articles and helped with many others.

That was in 2001. After two years, she returned to the newspaper cooperation for a job and was soon promoted to intermediate reporter. She was successful, though she was warned about being too sloppy in her work.

The Rest of The Story

Somehow along the way, Stella got into trouble. Big trouble. Someone noticed that part of the story she submitted were remarkably similar to stories from other reporters written several days before hers. An editor from Daily Sun Newspaper, who had published the original story, e-mailed the editor of her cooperation to alert them of the problem. That prompted the the firm to look more closely at Stella's past work.

The firm found that 85 of the more than three hundred articles Stella wrote for the firm weren't stories she covered originally. When the news broke, it's negative impact on her career was huge. Her licence was withdrawn.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of originality when it comes to success in life. If you don't learn to be original, you'll die an imitation.

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The post no concern me oh. My interest na that food oh.


Lolz. Download the image and eat na



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In did,@flysky is a very kind and good heart person.ave not meet @flysky but the name rings every were like Nigeria MTN every were you go.i look forward to see @flysky visite my blogs and help me with upvote know matter how small it following and forever.i like @flysky know i love @flysky @desmonddesk Waooo nice post.that food is entry my eyes.which i can stole it here and eat.this is confirm naija food.the pomo and shaki is making sense

Originality is better than reference... Sometime ago when i used to write lots of poetry, i used edited pictures instead of downloaded ones.

Its nice that you had an encounter with @flysky, that guy is a very friendly and fun guy. I've once crossed path with him on Steemit school discord channel also and i pray i encounter him again


You are right @aauthespian1 @flysky is a great man. I still maintain that "he is a robot from the future". How he generates sound ideas at the speed of light amazes me.
Also, the steemit school should be One of the wonders of the world. How just a question escalated into a conference and the team spirit exhibited by everyone marveled me. Everyone were awesome this morning


Originality is better than reference...

This is dope manh!

What a well written article on originality. Yes, being original pays, and it seems @flysky wants to always fly the sky with his own art. I think I should create time and follow his footsteps on this.

Where is Stella now by the way?

i dont know about @flysky but i think i will take this advice and run with it, just likea @aauthespian1 said


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