Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #48 Sadnwich Cereal


Hello everyone here I bring you my sandwich this week 48 and this is my ticket to the sandwich contest created by the best @jaybird he is the king of the sandwich

I love cooking is something that I usually do in my free time that the truth is little I confess that this week it took me a little more effort than normal to make my sandwich

In my country we are currently going through a bad time there is lack of food which leads me to limit myself a bit when making my sandwich

I spend all week thinking that I will prepare this time in addition to the high cost of ingredients here every day is harder to eat, we also have the biggest inflation, this is crazy
I hope I do not run out of options so quickly and continue participating every week to invent

The weekend came some cereal boxes corn flakes and I thought about making a chicken similar to crispy I've heard that they usually do it with cereal.

Sadnwich Cereal


  • Cornbread
  • Chicken breast
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Sweet mustard


Vegetables cut in brunoise



Crispy chicken


Marina the chicken with garlic in sauce, white pepper and salt


For the breaded use beaten egg, corn flour and cereal.


Cook the chicken over low heat in a pan with little oil I did not want to eat chips this time.


I made my own sweet mustard with a little mustard, vinegar, oil and sugar also a little water










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I like how you breaded the chicken with cornflakes, creative! How did that taste?


That was great, the taste good as well as crispy I think you should try eating chicken with cornflakes

Oooo this 1 looks great. Love the egg and cornflour batter idea.

The homemade sweet mustard was awesome too! Great array of toppings too.

Always appreciate your participation in this contest despite your situation!


Here there is a lot of corn plus corn flakes the corn cereal gave the chicken a lot of flavor that was crispy

Thank you very much I love this contest I think I would die if I do not participate in the hahaha I am addicted to make sandwich

This sounds so delicious @yesslife, how do you manage with all the problems your country faces? That cornflakes crumbed chicken sounds great, I would love to eat one of these, well done :)


That chicken with corn flakes was very good, although when it is completely fried, it is better but this time I did not want to eat fried foods

Well we are having a bad time Steemit helps us a lot to buy things this is a great help

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Well done, love the corn flakes with the chicken, great idea. We are grateful that you are able to participate with us, knowing how difficult it is for you in your country! So glad to have you! Great sandwich


Thank you so good that you liked it, it was very delicious, it tasted good, I even stayed for lunch the next day

I make my big effort but that's the good thing I love this contest