Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #47 Sandwich Weird


Hello, how are you? I hope it's ok

I thought about publishing my entry yesterday to the sandwich contest and when I was writing it, an error occurred with the STEEMIT page, I do not know if it was globally or only in my country but it turns out that I could not do it that makes me a little sad

But here I present my entry this week that is a weird sandwich so I went to the fridge and look for what I had in it I think it is the best way to create a weird sandwich

Also I was a little sick I did not want to get into the kitchen much but I did not want to stop preparing my sandwwich

Sandwich Weird


  • Hot dog bread
  • Mayonnaise
  • Llanero cheese (Venezuelan)
  • Bay grains
  • Fried dish










The grains were previously prepared with a little onion dressing, chili, garlic, salt, etc.

I still have problems so I'm sorry for the photos I hope to fix it soon

Here annex proof that I could not make my entry yesterday because of failure on the page :(


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I like your post It's looking a mouth watering dish.


Thank you very much for passing

It’s all good Yessie, there was some issues with the site yesterday.

Interesting sloppy style bean sandwich haha

Hope ur feeling better :)


If there were

Yes a little careless I think my illness made me do it weird and sloppy hahaha


Beanzzzzzzz hehehehe :)


Hello :)


hello you :)

Haha @yesslife, very weird sandwich hey! Steemit had us all frustrated!


If that night was a bit difficult for me and steemit

Thanks my friend if that is very weird hahaha

Beans and plantains...super creative. I hope you feel better.


If something really weird the truth

Something very strange to see in a sandwich

Thank you, I'm a little better today

Bean sandwich! Sounds weird haha

Good job, my friend :)


My friend, here you are

I had time to do it I was a little sick and it was also on my birthday


Feel better and happy belated birthday!


Thank you very much, have a great time

beans look interesting, how do you make them?

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