Missing the Steemit Sandwich Contest

Hello folks - I MISS the Steemit Sandwich Contest and all the sandwiches I used to consume back in the day! So, today, we ended up going to a restaurant nearby to have some sandwiches for lunch!

We got our own private booth with a tv. It would have been perfect to watch tonight's basketball game (Toronto Raptors v.s. Cleveland Cavaliers - Go, Raptors, Go!). But, the reality is this 'preggo' (me) get tired and sleepy very early nowadays, therefore, a 'late night' outing is not possible. Plus, optics, people would think I am crazy given I am ready to give birth any time, lol.


Anyways, this restaurant was promoting a new menu of what they called "The Notorious Six" and they claimed that they are the biggest, baddest sandwich burgers in the city of Toronto?! I wanted to try them all just to see if they are that good. But, of course, I couldn't and so I had to pick the 'one' I wanted.


Here is what I ordered:

The Grilled Cheese'burg' - A double decker grilled cheese with two angus beef patties, cheddar cheese, bacon aioli, tomatoes.



Here is what my husband ordered:

The 3 Alarm Buffalo Chicken - Buttermilk marinated, dusted and fried chicken breast, tossed in buffalo sauce, topped with avocado, battered and fried jalapeños, red onion, tomato, lettuce, Cholula hot sauce and chipotle aioli on a brioche bun. Served with a stack of onion rings.



The verdict: They were quite alright, but I have to say they're not as good as the sandwiches being showcased here on Steemit Sandwich Contest. Homemade sandwiches still are the best, imo.

Keep up the good work everyone. And, remember to stay hungry and stay creative!


I miss your sandwiches too @steemit-foodie, I see baby's almost ready to pop!
Rest while you can and best of luck :)

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