Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #59- Using Up Green Tomatoes Sandwich


During mid Spring, my husband planted a tomato bush and I was super excited when I started to see some tomatoes grow on the vine. As the tomatoes got larger, I was waiting for them to ripen. Slowly the tomato vines started to die but the tomatoes remained green. So my husband picked off all the tomatoes and there were so many green tomatoes I thought what am I going to do with them?


Then I thought of @jaybird's Steemit sandwich contest week #59, I knew I would be making a sandwich with some green tomato component layered in there. I'm naming this week's sandwich Using Up Green Tomatoes Sandwich. Sorry, I had to correct the typo on my validation sign.



  • corn tortillas
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • baked chicken thighs (Ancho chili powder, smoked paprika, New Mexico chili powder, cumin, onions, cilantro, garlic, salt, black pepper, brown sugar and lime juice)
  • cole slaw (cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise, chipotle chili sauce, salt, apple cider vinegar and black pepper)
  • green tomato chutney (brown sugar, ginger, jalapeño, apple cider vinegar, raisins, salt, and onions)
  • water cress
  • fresh cilantro

IMG_0768 (1).jpg

I made a chutney with the green tomatoes. I diced up the tomatoes and added some raisins and dark brown sugar for some sweetness. I didn't want the chutney to be too sweet so there was a bit of apple cider vinegar in the mixture. For some heat, I minced a jalapeño into the chutney. The whole mixture was cooked slowly until all the liquid was evaporated and the chutney was thick, almost jam like in quality.


For the chicken I went with Mexican flavors. I marinated the chicken thighs with some chili powders along with chopped fresh cilantro and lime juice. I slow baked the chicken thighs at a low temperature until the meat was super tender and I could shred it for the sandwich.


For the bread element, I was craving some corn tortillas. I needed the corn tortillas to be sturdy so I can pick it up like a piece of bread. What to do? I immediately thought of the waffle maker and I sandwiched the tortillas with shredded Pepper Jack cheese. The cheese would be the glue to stick the two pieces of tortillas together. Then I lightly brushed the corn tortillas with some olive oil and placed it into the waffle maker to seal the tortillas together.


To build the sandwich, on one of the corn tortillas, I added chicken, topped it with more shredded cheese and melted it. On the other half, I spread some green tomato chutney. To finish the sandwich, I added some chipotle spiced coleslaw, water cress and cilantro.


This sandwich is bursting with flavor and spicy from all the different chilis. The chutney added just enough sweetness and tanginess. The pepperiness of the watercress helped balance the richness of this sandwich. After experimenting with the waffle maker I think I will be making more pressed tortilla sandwiches with it. I love how the extra cheese oozes out and gets crispy along the sides of the tortilla. The best part, I can pick up the tortilla without the filling falling out of it. Enjoy!


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Oh my goodness! You have really done it this time!! Brilliant! The green tomato chutney (with raisins of course) and the peppers, yikes! Love the waffle bread, great idea! I would love this sandwich! Beautiful presentation @loveself! I'm sure your husband loved this gem :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Every week he looks forward to SSC day because he gets to eat all the creations! I think this is probably my favorite one. How was the Keys? Thank you @birdsinparadise.

  ·  last year (edited)

Absolutely gorgeous @loveself! This looks so pretty and so delicious, not only those crispy bits at the edges but also the wonderful chutney, really a masterpiece, lucky hubby!

The crispy edges were definitely my favorite part of this sandwich. Sometimes my hubby does not think he is so lucky when he has to eat my less successful creations, haha. Thank you @lizelle.

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Looks yummy😄😄

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Thanks so much @piyamas.