Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #56- End of Summer Mushroom Burger

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Every year when Labor Day weekend arrives, I would have mixed feelings about this long weekend. As a child, Labor Day signified the start of a new school year and now as an adult, it meant summer is ending and cold weather will soon be arriving. For week #56 of Steemit sandwich contest created by @jaybird I wanted to make a sandwich celebrating every last bit of summer. Burgers remind me of summer so what better way to celebrate Labor Day than a loaded one.

IMG_0465 (2).jpg


  • mushroom patties (cremini mushrooms, kholrabi, pinto beans, red bell peppers, onions, pysllium husk, eggs, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, gruyere cheese, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, basil, oregano and thyme.)
  • everything burger buns (flour, egg, olive oil, sugar, yeast, salt, and every bagel topping)
  • double smoked bacon
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • potato salad (potatoes, mayonaise, carrots, cornichons, salt, pepper, pickling juice, and chives)


I'm not a huge fan of red meat so I made a mushroom patty to mimic the beef. I chose brown mushrooms because of their texture and color. I sautéed the mushrooms to release some of the water content in them so the patties would not be wet. Extra veggies were added for flavor and crunch. To help hold the mixture together, mashed beans, psyllium husk and eggs were used. Psyllium husks work well for binding foods together and they are also a great way to sneak in some extra fiber into your foods.


For the buns, I made classic hamburger rolls. Just before baking them, I egg washed the tops and sprinkled some everything bagel seasoning mix. I love how the bits of dehydrated garlic and onion add an extra savory note to the fluffy buns. I wanted a creamy element for my burger so I made a simple potato salad. I added some slices of cornichons and pickling juice to the potato salad for acidity and tartness. Now, I'm ready to build my burger.


The mushroom patty really looks like beef.


The smokiness of the bacon works really well with the meaty mushrooms. The potato salad is tangy and the tomato adds a touch of sweetness. I'm going to enjoy my burger and the warm sunshine. Happy Labor Day!


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Wow u and birdy with ur home made buns this week.

Like this mushroom burger idea, it’s action packed with so many spices abd herbs. Great flavour qualities.

Double smoked bacon :)

All in all looks great. Seems like u have some indifference to labour day haha.


I guess I do need to work out my issues with Labour Day, haha. Thanks so much @jaybird.

We were both in a burger mood this week weren't we :) I guess great minds think alike! Great looking burger @loveself, really substantial, and full of goodness. I'll have to try adding the Psyilium Husk to bind it. Love the potato salad, oh my! Your presentation is always spot on! Well done my friend!


It's awesome that we were both thinking of burgers! I was thinking huh, I'll have to try using non dairy milk and maple syrup for my bread next time, love that idea! I always look forward to seeing your creations and learning from your recipes. Thank you @birdsinparadise.

@loveself I love mushrooms, so you know I would absolutely love to try this burger out! There have been so many great sandwiches I've seen during this contest that I want to try out that there aren't enough days in the week to try them all out and come up with one of my own! This looks down right tasty!


Thank you for the @compliment. I know, every time I see all the different creations, I always think another one I have to try.

Oh boy I would love to eat this, your mushroom burger looks divine and so do the gorgeous buns you baked, yummmm!


Aww, you are too kind. Thank you @lizelle.