Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #59 - Guilt-free Vegan Mushroom Pineapple Burger Stack with Basil & Rocket Pesto

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So last Monday REALLY was a true blue Monday with Steemit being down - I was in real trouble as I had a sandwich to post. The postal service was down and I almost gave up, but persevered and posted my sandwich, a tad stale by Tuesday morning when Steemit came back and to my delight our judge @jaybird really enjoyed it!

Another lesson learnt - never ever give up when the going gets tough, just keep on fighting the fight and you may just win the fight, so thank you @jaybird for that lesson :)

So I had routine blood tests done and I who love double cream yogurt, creme fraiche, sour cream, real butter, chocolate, succulent Lamb Chops, BBQ ribs etc etc, was told my cholesterol no longer is medium high, it now is into the high range! So I can no longer gloat that I escaped that bad family gene after all :(

Friday night usually is Burger or Fish & Chips & crispy crunchy Onion Rings night, with most things deep fried mind you!

So no more juicy Beef Burgers with Chips & Onion Rings every Friday night, no, that will be reserved for special occasions - like maybe we can think up more of those now; but seriously, I will have to watch myself :)

I thought I would go all out and not only go Vegan, but also do away with those soft spongy large Bread Rolls; so here is my Guilt-free almost Gluten-free Vegan Mushroom Pineapple Burger Stack with Basil & Rocket Pesto entry into @jaybird's SSC Week #59


  • Chicken Style Vegan Burger Patties with golden crumbs
  • Large Brown Mushrooms
  • Pineapple - sliced
  • Vegan Cheese Slices
  • curly garden Lettuce
  • Basil & Rocket Pesto - recipe below



  • Brush Patties, Mushrooms and Pineapple slices with Olive Oil
  • Place on BBQ or under grill and cook on both sides
  • Season with Garlic & Herb seasoning


  • 250ml fresh Basil
  • 250ml Wild Rocket
  • 50ml Pine Nuts
  • 50ml roasted Cashews
  • 125ml Olive Oil
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • Salt & Pepper
    Place in food processor and blend until smooth
    Season to taste

Place one large Mushroom upside down on serving plate, top with Pesto

Grilled Chicken style Vegan Patty and grilled Pineapple slice on top

One slice vegan Cheese on top, lathered with Pesto

Repeat layers of Pattie, Pineapple, Cheese, Pesto & lastly curly Lettuce

Seal the Burger with a grilled Mushroom, serve with oven chips and enjoy!

Proof photo

Guilt free Burgers

A quick look at the making

Really hope to see your sandwiches on Steemit Sandwich Contest!

Original Content by @lizelle
Thank you for stopping by
Comments, upvotes & resteems all much appreciated :)
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On the plus side i’m sure that there is no end to the “alternative” recipes from ur fellow steemians and sandwiteers that will allow u to compensate with your new dietary needs!

How did the mushroom work as a bun? I like that idea. Did it hld up?

Great choice of ingredients, from the pineapple to the pesto and then some!

This contest proves time and time again how vegetarian and vegan cooking can be just as delicious and fulfilling as the latter!

Really dig this go at something different by you! And glad to have helped u learn an important life lesson ;)

Thank you so much for the great feedback @jaybird, it's quite a firm meaty mushroom, worked really well and it was delicious - I will certainly find many ideas from some of our sandwiteers :)

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Thanks a million @thesteemengine, really appreciate your support!

Ooo yum, upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you so much @goodsteemerguy :)

Just trying to help out where I can 😊

My friend how are you? a pleasure to greet you like this grandmother?

Thank you @jennimorillo, we're all well, always nice seeing you :)

Oh my goodness @lizelle! This sandwich looks wonderful, love the pesto :) This is an awesome swap for a burger for sure. Pineapple sweet with pesto...yum! Great presentation as always my friend!

Ah thank you @birdsinparadise, that combo was great with the pesto, real yummy!

@lizelle glad to know that you are careful about the cholesterol issue Lady Lizelle. I am now on statins for life, as cholesterol almost killed me. Very dangerous and congrats on your new eating style! Blessings!

Thank you @papilloncharity, I have to get it down or will also be put on statins :(
Take care of yourself too!

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I would not miss the bread or meat eating your pineapple mushroom stack. Yum!

I did not miss it either, was quite delicious! Thank you @loveself :)

Mushroom and Peso would do just fine for the whole meal, not fond of pineapple cooked @lizelle looks delicious in your photography I must say.

Cholesterol appears to be the latest thing on the radar by doctors and medical aids, for years I have managed to alter my diet to avoid drugs, fix one thing to break another. Unfortunately on the last round the doctor indicated it was a medical aid decision to blood take tests.

That's true @joanstewart, it fixes one thing only to cause another problem! I'm going to do my best not to take statins so will adjust our way of eating as best I can! I've managed to stay off the reflux meds for a couple of weeks with the help of Siberian Pine Nut Oil.
Thank you for your support!

My wife would like this vegan sandwich very much, I'll pass it on. Good luck with the competition Lizelle.

Thank you mr Papper, hope your wife enjoys this combo!

Oh, sorry to hear about your cholesterol level rising! It should be managable when treated carefully, nutrition style is very important. Many foods we eat out contain harmful substances, it is best to cook your own!

Very true @haritakurdu, fortunately I don't have to take meds for it, sure changing my diet will improve it! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Thank you so much @avizor and @steemkitchen, really appreciate your support :)