Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #57 - The Grilled Cheese


This week's #steemitsandwichcontest sponsored by @jaybird was a "Theme Week" based off of any famous sandwich. I almost didn't get to enter because I had company that I hadn't seen in about a year. After he left today, it was kind of gloomy and I was really wanting something comforting and I thought, "Hey! Why not give it a go on the famous grilled cheese?". I plundered through my refrigerator and came across three different types of cheeses, one slice of tomato left over, and I had a couple of slice of pancetta left over. So, I went all out on a 3-cheese grilled cheese with pancetta and tomato. If you'd like to participate, there's just a short time left and you can see the rules at @jaybird's original post Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 57 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! THEMED WEEK "Famous Sandwiches" - [3 Prizes].

Here is the step-by-step process including the ingredients:

* 2 slices bread* 2 slices American Cheese* 1 slice Mozarella Cheese
* 1 slice Swiss Cheese*1 slice tomato* 2 slices pancetta*

...and a whole lot of butter

  • you can substitute regular bacon for the pancetta but I had pancetta on hand so I used that
IngredientsAdd Your Swiss & AmericanAnd American & Mozzarella
Add Your PancettaAdd Your TomatoGently Put Sandwich Together
Butter the top generouslyFunctionAdd a LOT of butter to the skillet
  • Adding butter to the skillet means you don't have to butter the bottom part of the sandwich. It still gets a nice buttery crisp to it. You will want your skillet already heated over medium-high heat. Once the butter starts to melt, put your sandwich on top of the butter and give it a nice roll around in the skillet. Wait about a minute or so and and gently flip the edge to see if it has started to brown. If not, wait about another minute and then gently flip it so the sandwich doesn't fall apart when you do. Now you should have a nice, crisp brown crust and can smash it down with your spatula. Wait about a minute or so and do the same to see if that side has browned to your liking. You can keep flipping the sandwich now that you have smashed it down and it should stay together with all of the cheeses having started to melt to hold the sandwich together. The heat also brings out a nice flavor in the tomato. Cook it until your desired preference of crispness.
After The First FlipFinished Product UncutFinished Product Cut In Half
  • Now you can sit back and enjoy this wonderful comfort food. If you have some tomato soup, this is perfect for dipping it in, but this is very filling with all of the gooey cheeses! This sandwich tasted incredible!

Ilsa Ione


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Nice looking sammy! There is a bar up North of where I live that is semi-famous for their grilled cheese sandwiches. They put tomato and onions on them. I had never seen that before, but that is what my wife gets when we go there and she loves it. Good stuff!


I had actually thought about carmelizing some onions but I was all out. I think it would have made a great addition to it. It was definitely a great sandwich!

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Oh my, my this looks dreamy @ilsaione! That melty cheese....yum! Buttery and delicious. I haven't had a good grilled cheese for so long. The combination of different cheeses with a hint of protein! Well done :)


Thanks @birdsinparadise! It was really something comforting to me yesterday. And the weather is starting to change a bit and with AJ leaving yesterday to drive back to where he is stationed at in Texas, I felt I needed something comforting.


Awww, I am sorry AJ had to leave, a good melty buttery comfort sandwich probably felt nice. You're in CA right? And with him in TX that is quite a distance...hopefully he'll return soon. Be well friend!


Actually, I'm in Ohio. I hope he will be back sooner than a year since it's been that long since I last saw him. It's pretty stressful at times and he is trying to convince me to move to Texas, but he doesn't even like it where he is.

Noice, the grilled cheese is most def a classic famous sandwich. Love the 3 cheese, tomoate and meat adds. Almost like mixing a grilled cheese and blt :)


@jaybird Yes, it was almost like a BLT minus the lettuce but adding lots and lots and lots of cheese! It was soooooo good!

That is one perfectly cooked grilled cheese. All the ooey and gooey cheese seeping out and the crunchy crust along with the rendered pancetta...I would love to get my hands on one of these!


Thanks @loveself! It was really quickly thrown together and I wish I would have been able to spend more time and been a bit more creative on the theme week!


Your sandwiches always look amazing!


Awww! Thanks so much! This photo did not do this sandwich justice, though!

Toasted cheese sandwich probably is the most famous of them all, nice one!