Steemit Sandwich Contest Week # 57 | Popeye’s Power Sandwich

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Well blow me down!

It’s week 57 of @jaybirds Steemit Sandwich Contest! This week @jaybird is challenging us to make a…

Famous Sandwich!

What a fun idea! I want to send a big thanks to @jaybird for hosting this contest each week! He certainly has a handle on being a creative sandwich king! I would say we all have a lot to learn from him! He said to be creative, so this week my famous sandwich comes from a childhood cartoon and comic book hero,



picture courtesy of pixaby

Popeye the cartoon strip debuted in 1929. It portrayed a one-eyed Sailor often found defending his girlfriend Olive Oyl from Bluto the villan. Popeye was able to gain his strength from a simple can of spinach. As they say spinach became a favorite food for many young boys and girls during this time! Today we'll salute Popeye with a power packed sandwich featuring...


In fact I think he always grabbed his can of spinach just like this! lol
DSC_0009 (1) (2).jpg

As you can see, Popeye had huge muscles, probably due to his extensive diet of spinach! Do you think Olive Oyl made power spinach sandwiches for Popeye? Full of protein, fruits and vegetables, and spice for the power punch he always had ready! Perhaps Popeye was a true Vegan?

I think we’ll make him proud.

Popeye’s Power Sandwich

Oh, and we’ll even include Olive Oyl!

I Used

  • Plain Coconut Yogurt
  • Garlic Clove (Minced)
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato (chopped)
  • Green Onion
  • Granny Smith Apple (chopped)
  • Walnuts (Chopped)
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Maple Syrup
  • Olive Oyl
  • Popeye Portion of Fresh Baby Spinach
  • Crumbled Vegan Goat Cheese
  • Gluten Free Fax Wrap

  • I first mixed the Yogurt, Garlic and Cayenne Pepper and refrigerated it until I was ready to assemble Popeye's Power sandwich.

DSC_0063 (2).jpg

  • Slice and chop the cucumbers and onions
    DSC_0072 (2).jpg

Place the remaining ingredients except the goat cheese in a bowl and mix. Add the spinach and toss all ingredients including Olive Oly! Place it on the wrap, sprinkle the goat cheese and drizzle the yogurt sauce!

  • I can imagine what Popeye would be saying about his love for spinach right now!*

    I yam what I yam and tha's all what I yam!

DSC_0075 (2).jpg

  • Now, just wrap it up!
    DSC_0090 (2).jpg

And as Popeye would say, “I’m strong to the finish, cause I eat me Spinach

DSC_0092 (2).jpg

Thanks again @jaybird for another great week of The Steemit Sandwich Contest!Good luck to all!

DSC_0085 (2).jpg

Glad you stopped by!

And as always, blessing to you all!



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Wow, thank you @thesteemengine :) So appreciate the feature!

Now I'm really hungry......That sandwich looks really Yummy!!


Ah, good! Just the effect I was hoping for, lol! Thanks so much @snook :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Hehe yes! First of excellent use of play on words throughtout ;)

Secondly love the homage to popeye.

Thirdly u made spinach sound and look totoally delicious in this gem of a sandwich. Had i eaten this when i was younger... well oh man!

Really awesome choice ingredients to balance out the spinach flavour!

Ya did good with this entry!


Always fun to get creative @jaybird! Glad you had the idea, obviously you provide us with creative sandwiches on a daily basis. I really do love spinach so it was an easy one :) Thank you for your kind words

Amazing that Pop Eye lasted as long as it has, there is something to be said for the old guy.
Nice looking sandwich and great that you tied it together with Pop Eye through the spinach. Good luck in the contest.


I know right? I actually found out that the cartoon strip was produced until 1994! That is quite a legendary run. Thank you for stopping by @sultnpapper, appreciate the kind words :)


You are more than welcome, some people accuse Pop Eye of making kids think that chewing tobacco is good for you, can you believe that? Spinach and tobacco are miles apart from each other yet I have seen where people try to link it through Pop Eye the sailor man.

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I think Popeye would trade his can of spinach for this spectacular sandwich. Super creative incorporating Olive Oyl into the sandwich. I thought the villain's name was Brutus, haha...thank you for clarifying that.


lol, I always thought his name was Brutus too but when I fact checked I found I was wrong :) I didn't want to print any mis-information! Thank you @loveself for your kindness, truly appreciated!

yummy 🍛that looks fantastic 😍

I remember the Popeye shows from my youth, but no, I am not that old not when he first came out LOL

The sandwich is beautiful presented and sounds good, well apart from the spinach although I liked Popeye I never have been a fan of spinach


Thank you @tatoodjay! I know, the canned spinach he was famous for was I am sure not a fan by many. lol I do love the fresh. I appreciate your words of kindness! Thanks for stopping by today :)


always a pleasure to visit your posts :)

Oh I love your Popeye sandwich post @birdsinparadise, very well done :)


Thank you my friend, it was fun...always love a bit of silly in the day :)

Raw spinach is really great, I like it better than when it's cooked actually! Really great looking wrap, if it tastes as good as it looks, you're in for a treat :)


I love spinach, especially raw as well. Thank you for stopping by! It was indeed a hit :)

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Congratulations on winning third place! Popeye would have been so proud! :) Well deserved!

FOR TSE: Well, I have to say this looks healthy. It probably even tastes good. (I'm not sure I want to know what's in "vegan goat cheese" however.) This ingredient list (other than the vegan goat cheese) suggests a very interesting combination of tastes. Kind of Indian-like, I'd imagine -- with the coconut yogurt, cayenne and garlic.


Well, thank you! Vegan Goat cheese btw is made with cashews! I know, I think I'm crazy lol Mr. Bird was pleased, so that was good.. Trying to get him to eat his spinach is always a trick! The cayenne was just to give the sandwich a bit of zip ;) Thank you TSE i.e. @enchantedspirit!