#SteemitRocks - You're one in a million

in steemitrocks •  7 months ago

Celebrating 1,000,000 Steem Accounts, we've created a little #SteemitRocks Series.

#SteemitRocks... we know it, but the others don't ;-) So if you like it: Sing it out loud and share your're favourite songs on other plattforms :)

Mixedtape by @javehimself

Some classic rock by @pepperred

MC @promeilenstein and DJ @flamo

Got some new song ideas? Post them in the comments.

Some Pics by www.unsplash.com

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A few song ideas:

Smells Like Steem Spirit
Should I Stake or Should I Go
Don't Flag Me Now
Never Gonna Vote You Up
The Power Of Steem

I don't wanna miss a post
Stairway to crypto
Bot on the water
Won't get flagged again

#steemitrocks #enoughinternetfortoday


danke. Post aktualisiert ;-)

Steem a litle dream of me 🎶

Time to say steem on 🎤

We will we will steemit 🎵


Danke! :)

Liquid Feed i
Careful With That Bandwith, Fish i
Home Is Where The Masterkey Is i
37 Steemer... tanzen auf'm Meetup i

I came here like a flagging ball.
Hall of the steemit king.
Magic crypto ride.
Hit the steem, Jack!
I need a SBD! | I need a Steem!
Hello my name is doctor steem thumb!
Can you steem the love tonight?

Wenn ihr noch mehr braucht, für so einen Quatsch bin ich genau richtig. :D


Danke!! 2 haben wir schon eingebaut. Mehr folgt :)


Sehr cool! :D

Ich hätte spontan auch noch welche...
Steem deep - vote high (Ike & Tina Turner)
Steem over troubled water ( Simon & Garfunkel)
Another Steem in the wall
When a man loves a steem/vote
Steem vote Sally
California steemin'
I still haven’t vote what I’m looking for
Steem and happyness
You can’t always vote what you want
Sound of follow's || Sound of steemlence
How deep is your steem/wallet
House of the risin' steem
Time to say steem on
Crash Test Dummies – Steemm Mmm Mmm
Candle in the steem
Jailhouse Steem
There must be a steem playing with my heart

...oh da geht echt einiges und da muss ich selbst bei schmunzeln :)

Love is the Steem (SEEED)
Steem Monks (SEEED)
Steem me up (P!nk)
When we steem together (Nickelback)
Still Steeming (Volbeat)

Some song title ideas (with name of the artist/band that I'm ripping off from):

Crypto Paradise (Coolio feat. L.V.)
Steem It (Michael Jackson)
Don't Stop Steemlievin' (Journey)
We Built This Blockchain (Starship)

No me quiero perder una publicación .
Debo apostar o debería irme.
Otro Steem en la pared.
voté por el poder de Steem @limesoda

One in a million account, not user :>
There are many multi- and b0t- accounts at Steem.


We know :) But from a marketing perspective: "Users" sounds better on other plattforms, as no one likes bots ;-)

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Algunas ideas;
Huele como el Espíritu de Steem.
Debo apostar o debería irme.
No me marques. Ahora
nunca te
votaré por el poder de Steem @limesoda